Morning Static: DEXTER, GLEE, STAR TREK & More!

• Killer Scoop: DEXTER boss on the shocking return of [Spoiler Alert!]
• Laughing all the Way to the Bank, Louis C.K plans online broadcast of comedy concert.
• Boldly Gowing: Germany shows Nazi STAR TREK episode 43 years after it was first filmed.
• GLEE Chatter, Chris Colfer ‘absolutely’ expects opposition to sex-themed episode.
• Having trouble keeping up with all of your new and returning Fall favourites? Catch up on what you missed for free online at
• Must Read TV What’s currently going on in the world of network television.
• Save Some Dough this Christmas with 50-60% off complete series like, GILMORE GIRLS, THE WEST WING, NIP/TUCK and THE OC.

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