Rumor has it that tonight’s episode of GREY’S ANATOMY is one of those classic sob-fests. True or false? — Amy
The TV Addict: Short Answer: True. Long Answer: Based on tonight’s tear-jerker of a mid-season finale that features a very unexpected outcome to Meredith and Derek’s adoption woes, multiple character deaths, not to mention an ending that will leave fans on the edge of their seat as they ask themselves what on earth is going to happen next, our working theory is that Showrunner Shonda Rhimes must be some sort of secret investor in a Kleenex company. Which is our not so subtle way of saying that there will be tears… for a variety of different characters.

Having really enjoyed the way in which you broke the news last week that “Belle” would be dropping by ONCE UPON A TIME I’m hoping I might implore you to include some sort of similar tease in this week’s column? — Monica
The TV Addict: Flattery will get you everywhere, including a yes to your request… assuming of course you can decipher the following tease that has the next batch of Fairytale characters scheduled to drop by Storybrooke Maine involved with what many might consider the precursor to Willy Wonka. Read into that what you will.

Now that young Henry has successfully managed to bring Emma Swan back to town, any clue as to when the residents on ONCE UPON A TIME might start to get their memories back? — Bryan
The TV Addict: According to sources, at least one resident of Storybrooke Maine will start to regain his (or her!) memories before the show goes on its holiday hiatus.

Completely didn’t expect the return of the Ice Truck Killer on Sunday’s episode of DEXTER? Anything you can spill about what we can expect next? — Bill
The TV Addict: Much like any episode of DEXTER, there will be blood. Yet unlike just any episode, the blood that will be spilled during Sunday’s fantastic instalment of the hit Showtime series will be of the very familiar variety. Particularly if you’re a fan of the season featuring the Trinity Killer!

The only thing I’m loving more than newcomer Tessa Altman (Jane Levy) on SUBURGATORY is the obvious romance blossoming between parents George (Jeremy Sisto) and Dallas (Cheryl Hines). Am I crazy? Is there any hope for these two? — Mandi
The TV Addict: While we sure as heck aren’t about to dip into the current mental capacity of a reader addicted to television (As if we’re one to judge!), or if Tessa and Dalia will soon be living under one roof akin to some sort of bizarro version of THE BRADY BUNCH, we can tell you that the always ugly “D” word (That’s divorce, in case you were wondering) will soon be knocking on the beautifully renovated door of two unlucky SUBURGATORY residents.

Anything you can tease about tonight’s fall finale of THE SECRET CIRLCE? — Allison
The TV Addict: You mean aside from the fact that November 10th seems a wee bit early for a fall finale? How’s this: Coming to Cassie’s rescue tonight will be two men in shining armor so to speak. And while one of her heroes is somewhat predictable, the other may surprise fans as Jake’s nefarious plan comes to light. Think “black” and you’ll be probably have an inkling of an answer!

Despite the fact that her high school horrors are a little too reminiscent of my own, I love Sue Heck. Which is why I was hoping you might be able to share a detail or two on one is coming up next for my favorite fictional character? — Jessica
The TV Addict: As self-proclaimed president of the Sue Heck fan club, we’ve got some very good news for you. Sue will very-soon become Captain of a cheerleading squad. Unfortunately, in typical Sue Heck fashion, the Wrestlerettes will be a cheerleading squad she’s concocted for the specific purpose of cheering on her latest crush!

Any chance you have some scoop on the comings and goings in my favorite TV town of Pawnee. — David
The TV Addict: Always the giver, PARKS AND RECREATION’s Valentine’s Day-themed episode will find Leslie Knope putting her considerable political muscle behind yet another worthy cause. That cause? Finding best friend Ann Perkins a boyfriend at the first annual Parks Department Single’s Dance. Cue hilarity that may-or-may-not end with Ron Swanson dressed as a real-life Cupid and an unexpected romantic spark between to staffers fans never in a million years would have put together.

Not a question, but more of a statement. This week has been slightly less funny with MODERN FAMILY on hiatus. — Rachel
The TV Addict: Agreed! Which is why we thought we’d try out best to help turn your frown upside-down by offering up a first look at the show’s November 23 episode that will see current Book of Mormon Broadway star Josh Gad drop by as an old friend of Phils. Bonus points for any reader who takes to the comments below to name the show in which Ty Burrell and Josh Gad starred in together prior to their current successes.

Additional Reporting By Tiffany Vogt

  • shanna bowie

    I have to stop reading Ask the Addict before I watch Dexter. I’m usually a week behind and end up unintentionally spoiled cause I can’t stay away but everything else was great. Unfortunately Secret Circle has been rescheduled until Sat cause of a football game so I’ll have to stay away until Sunday. 

  • Tom

    That would be Kelsey Grammar’s underrated comedy “Back To You”!

  • smlabossi

    Was it Back to You?

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  • Anonymous

    That GA last night was hideously bad.  A car crash cliffhanger?  That’s something new for them….no, wait…they did it last year too.

    Back to You was awesome. It was a tragedy that it was canceled.

  • While BACK TO YOU’s cancelation was disappointing, it did give us MODERN FAMILY which is a pretty good consolation prize.