We Preview Tonight’s Magical Mid-Season Finale of THE SECRET CIRCLE with Star Gale Harold and Executive Producer Andrew Miller

It is that dreaded time of year again as some of your favorite shows will go on a winter hiatus, returning after the New Year in 2012.  For fans of THE SECRET CIRCLE, tonight’s episode “Balcoin” is going to leave with them with a nice mini-cliffhanger to tide them over for the next six weeks.
So what can we look forward to in the Fall finale tonight?  Lots of witchy-goodness as Cassie (Britt Robertson) finds out a lot more about her family tree and what Jake (Chris Zylka) is really up to — but not before putting her heart on the line; Adam (Thomas Dekker) and Faye (Phoebe Tonkin) make an unusual alliance in the quest for the truth; and Diana (Shelley Hennig) takes a stab at moving on from her doomed romance with Adam.  Then, on the adult-front, Charles (Gale Harold) and Dawn (Natasha Henstridge) begin to realize something about their own precarious relationship, and Jane (Ashley Crow) feels the after-effects of Charles’ spell, which made her forget about what she saw at Henry’s lake house.

So with preparations underway for a charity event, Melissa (Jessica Parker Kennedy) and Diana are keeping their minds off their respective lost-loves when Melissa’s cousin Holden (Arlen Escarpeta) arrives in town to help with the festivities.  Meanwhile, Jake tries to find out more about Cassie’s lineage and a way to get closer to her without setting off the alarm bells.  But there is more at play than just the young coven of witches and their scheming parents.  Isaac (JR Bourne) and his lethal witch-hunting crew are not about to just leave Cassie and her coven intact.  They are out for blood and, even if Cassie is a descendant from Blackwell’s line, they remain undeterred in rooting out the evil infestation in Chance Harbor.
Then for the New Year when THE SECRET CIRCLE returns, the sudden and mysterious deaths of Amelia (who died in a fire), Nick (who died drowning) and now Henry (who had an alleged heart-attack and whose body was left tied up in the lake), as well as the disappearance of Calvin (the curio shop owner) and the brain-addled state of Jane (Cassie’s grandmother), all this is going to provoke at least one of Elders to return to Chance Harbor to see what is really going on.  For Charles Meade, as if there were not enough complicated women in his life, one more is coming to town – mommy-dearest; and if Dawn thought Charles was a handful to manage, wait and see how tricky things become with an angry and suspicious mother-hen witch hovering around.
With the blood-thirsty witch-hunters circling around and the Elders becoming more and more interested in what exactly their children and grandchildren are doing in Chance Harbor, there is likely to be a violent collision looming on the horizon.  Soon everyone will be forced to pick a side and align themselves in order to survive.
At a special screening at The CW, executive producer Andrew Miller and star Gale Harold chatted with the press about what the Fall finale cliffhanger could mean for the Chance Harbor residents – especially for the evil-duo Charles Meade and Dawn Chamberlain whose plans may be back-firing upon them and attracting unwelcome attention.

As a reminder, look for part 2 of the video interview with Andrew Miller and Gale Harold tomorrow as some of the information they shared was simply too spoillerrific to post today! 
And be sure to watch the Fall finale episode “Balcoin” tonight at 9PM on The CW.  A dark secret is revealed and it is going to change everything!

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