SECRET CIRCLE Spoiler Alert: EP Andrew Miller Dishes on Last Night’s Shocking Cliffhanger!

If you saw last night’s Fall finale of THE SECRET CIRCLE, then you are now also pondering the possibilities of what Isaac (the witch-hunter) meant when he referred to the fact that Cassie Blake is not the only witch in her Circle to be a Blackwell heir. 
Combined with the revelation that Dawn Chamberlain used to have a “thing” or crush on John Blackwell, prior to his demise, it leads viewers to believe the obvious choice is that Faye must be a Balcoin descendant. 
But, when asked point-blank during the Q&A with executive producer Andrew Miller and star Gale Harold during a special screening of “Balcoin,” the answer was not so easily defined.  Perhaps Dawn’s infatuation and Faye’s desire to have power of her own outside the Circle is a red-herring. Andrew cagily would not commit one way or the other on the lineage of Faye, nor did he want to dispute the possibility that in some odd twist of fate Adam and Cassie  — whose destiny is written in the stars – are siblings, as well.
Exactly who else in the circle is a Blackwell and carries tainted Balcoin blood in their veins and black-magic in their souls.  Is it the rebellious and strong-willed, Faye?  The brooding, yet heroic, Adam?  The mysterious and searching, Melissa? Or the even wild-card with a face of an angel, Diana? 
While it has been clearly identified that Cassie is Blackwell’s child, but who is the second?  What exactly was going on back in their parents’ day that so many witches fell under the Blackwell spell?  Is it possible that John Blackwell had a sibling that carried a child too?
The Chance Harbor witches had better be on guard for when the other Blackwell child figures out their dastardly heritage, he or she may not be so reluctant to use the dark-magic and could make life for the other bound witches mighty miserable.
In the meantime, we have a long wait to find out these answers as THE SECRET CIRCLE returns in six weeks to continue its freshman season.  Be sure to tune in on Thursday, January 5th to find out who is the second Blackwell child.

If you missed yesterday’s article with the first part of the Q&A interview with Andrew Miller and Gale Harold, you may find it HERE.

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