Most Abused Character: THE WALKING DEAD’s Daryl was thrown from a horse, fell onto an arrow and down a cliff (twice), survived a zombie attack and was shot in the head… by one of his pals. Suddenly, your sucky Monday isn’t looking so bad, huh?

Thanks For the Warning: Mr. Julie Chen — aka CBS prez Les Moonves said that TWO AND A HALF MEN could run for “many, many” years.

The “Enough Is Enough” Award Goes To… : THE RIKKI LAKE SHOW, set to debut this fall. Because what the country needs is yet another chat-fest.

Show Most Deserving Of A Rescue Effort: NBC’s COMMUNITY is the thinking man’s sitcom and the dumb dude’s chance to feel smart.

Silliest Theory: Fox News suggested that GLEE is suffering because of a focus on stories over music. The reality? GLEE is suffering a ratings decline because the stories stink.

Funniest Cold Open: Despite genuinely heartwarming and hilarious episodes of RAISING HOPE, MODERN FAMILY and HAPPY ENDINGS this week, THE OFFICE’s cold-open that showcased the extent to which Pam and Jim would use their “Baby on Board” to their advantage was the only thing that prompted an honest-to-goodness laugh-out-loud moment from us (Think water bottle, duct tape and any excuse to get out of a meeting!)

Most Unnecessary Return: DEXTER already spends enough time talking to his dead dad. Did we really need his dead brother putting in appearances, too?

Best On Screen Meltdown: Little Sydney Braverman made up for her season long disappearing act on this week’s PARENTHOOD a classic meltdown that — if we do say so ourselves — was a little too reminiscent of a certain TV Addict’s childhood.

Most Unexpected Twist: With its penchant for twists we didn’t see coming, Sunday’s HOMELAND didn’t just manage to cement its status as our favorite freshman drama of the season, but the thinking man’s version of 24.

Classiest Exit: After thirty plus years spent brightening up the morning of people from all walks of life, Regis Philbin bid adieu to the genre he practically invented. And while many might have been taken aback by the slightly stoic nature of his farewell, like his entertainment icons Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, he did it his way.

Most Bizarre Twist: After popping back onto the pop culture radar a few weeks ago by being repeatedly referenced on HAPPY ENDINGS, Brett Butler (of GRACE UNDER FIRE fame) told ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT that she’s now psychic. And, of course, pimping a reality show about her newfound abilities. I predict an epic failure in Ms. Butler’s future.

Best Reason To Keep Up With The News: NPR’s hysterical news quiz WAIT WAIT, DON’T TELL ME will get a special televised airing on BBC-AMERICA on December 23.

Best Merchandising: CBS is selling “Soft Kitty” t-shirts inspired by Sheldon’s favorite lullaby on THE BIG BANG THEORY.

Best Merchandising [Runner-Up]: Somebody is going to need to tell us where we can get a hold of some of that PARKS AND RECREATION retro merchandise, and STAT!

Sign That Twitter May Have Jumped the Shark:  Simon Cowell joined the social media site.

Most Shocking Break-Up: Move over Demi and Ashton. After an impromptu night of passion, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER’s Barney agrees to break up with Nora only to see Robin stay together with Kevin. Talk about the complete and utter opposite of Legen… wait for it… dary!

Let’s Give A Big Texas Welcome To… : James Wolk, star of the killed-before-it’s-time primetime sudser LONE STAR, who’ll be playing boyfriend to HAPPY ENDINGS’ Max.