• Les Moonves on the Charlie Sheen TWO AND A HALF MEN Debacle, ‘Shit Happens’
• Girl Power! THE BIG BANG THEORY’s female evolution
• From the Department of it Couldn’t Happen to a Nicer Group of People, Fox’s BONES cast to get big salary bump.
• PARKS AND RECREATION: Finally, a sitcom that loves middle America.
• GLEE Ratings Decline, Is this season’s lack of musical numbers responsible?
• The Tribe Has Spoken: CBS renews SURVIVOR for 2012-13 Season.
• Ricky Gervais On Returning As Golden Globes Host, “It’s Definitely The Final Time.”

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  • Anonymous

     Dear Les Moonves: 

    Two points…

    1) RE:  “$#!+ happens.”  Well, when you work with it (C.S.), yeah…it’s a sure bet.”

    2)  RE:  “But our attitude is that a big hit — even a big 18-49 hit — is watched
    by everybody. So the idea of a broadcaster programming just for a niche
    audience is silly.”   Then please tell us why you allowed Dawn Ostroff to do JUST THAT for five years with your sister network.  How about sharing the strategy for success?  Sheesh.  You didn’t just exclude age groups, you excluded the male population.