The Art of the Press Release: Special BONES Edition!

Continuing our penchant for highlighting press releases that cut through the clutter comes a few choice words from executive producer Stephen Nathan, who is about to give fans even more of a reason to get excited for the December 1st episode of BONES. See for yourself, after the jump.

Dear Privileged Few,
Even though the episode is still being finished (sound, color timing, VFX, etc), we wanted our friends in the press to see it before it airs. Yes, it contains the usual horrifying remains and bizarre collection of suspects, but this episode includes a bit more – while we are usually reluctant to use the “very special episode” moniker, we feel that David’s performance is truly impressive. With the phenomenal support of our brilliant Emily, as well as Ralph Waite and Tina Majorino, David has brought new life and dimension to Booth and to his relationship with Brennan. We all feel very fortunate this year to be able to take the show into new and uncharted waters.  
The “Male in the Mail” episode of BONES airing Thursday, Dec. 1 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. And as always, we are grateful for your support.  
Stephen Nathan
Executive Producer, BONES

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  • Thanks, Mr. N! =)

  • So now Emily is the SUPPORT? No wonder she’s been dumbed down beyond repair.

  • Anonymous

    Finally David Boreanaz gets the professional recognition he deserves. He was such an underrated actor. The last couple of years they started to acknowledge his impressive directorial talent, but only lately his improved acting skills are being praised. Look forward to this special episode.