We Irresponsibly Speculate on the Identity of TERRA NOVA’s Mole

If you follow us on Twitter, odds are fairly certain that you already know our feelings with regards last night’s fantastic episode of TERRA NOVA. What you may not know is that in response to last night’s tweet that went a little something like so — “Super solid episode of #TerraNova, although it would be nice if poor Allison Miller was given something, heck anything, to do.” — actress Allison Miller took it upon herself to respond, “@theTVaddict thanks – stick around for the next few 😉 ” And since it’s not exactly everyday that an actor goes out of their way to respond one of our 140 character gems, it suddenly dawned on us: Miller’s Skye is totally the TERRA NOVA mole that Commander Taylor has been so desperately searching for! But hey, don’t take our word for it, check out the irrefutable evidence we’ve compiled in our case against Skye, after the jump.

Sky plays by her own rules.
For those of you who remember as far back as TERRA NOVA’s not-so-humble-beginnings (Read: The show’s 14 million dollar Pilot) two things stand out when it comes to Allison Miller’s Skye. Firstly, unlike most of the colonists on the compound, she knows how to get in and out of Terra Nova undetected. And more importantly second, as evidence by the way in which she so casually neglected to reveal the truth about staying away from the picturesque waterfall that just so happened to be home to what was eventually revealed to be Taylor’s son schematics for designing a portal that could send people back to the future, she has no problem lying to the somewhat intimidating Commander.

Little Orphan Skye.
If seven Harry Potter books taught us anything, it’s that the death of ones parents can really do a number on a child’s psyche. In fact, for every “Harry” that successfully channels their painful childhood into an instrument for good, there is an example of a he, or in the case of TERRA NOVA, a she-who-shall-not-be-named who wants nothing more than to destroy the world responsible for their parent’s death. And while it may be a bit of a stretch to compare Skye to Voldemort, it’s certainly not much of one to see how the Sixer’s Mira might have convinced a tragedy-stricken Skye to switch teams.

She has the perfect cover.
Are you seriously going to be the one to tell Commander Taylor that the adorable tyke he helped raise as legal guardian grew up to become the Sixer’s mole? Because we sure as heck aren’t!

She’s Allison Frakkin’ Miller!
Which is to say, you don’t pay an American actress of Allison Miller’s calibre (This is where you’re probably going to want to take a moment and check out NBC’s brilliant-but-canceled KINGS on Netflix), fly her halfway across the globe, only to give her absolutely nothing to do. Suffice it so say, if Skye’s only purpose is to serve as a run-of-the-mill love interest for Landon Liboiron’s Josh Shannon, we have a feeling the proverbial powers that be could have found any one of a handful local Aussies to do that at a fraction of the cost.

Did we mention she tweeted us?
Now far be it from us to be the type of TV Addict to harp on the fact that Allison Miller is reading our tweets, but look closer. No really. If one actually takes a closer look, you’ll notice how Allison Miller chose to cap off what we can only imagine was a carefully constructed tweet. Miller could have ended her cryptic message with any number of punctuations, yet instead of going with the standard period, or overused exclamation point, she took it upon herself to end with the wink. Which we’ve decided to go out on a limb and claim is code for “Skye is going to make up for her serious lack of screen time in a big way!”

TERRA NOVA airs Mondays at 8PM on FOX (CityTV in Canada) and stars Jason O’Mara, Landon Liboiron, Stephen Lang, Shelley Conn, Naomi Scott, Alana Mansour, Christine Adams and Allison Miller. Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at clicktowatch.tv

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  • Liz

    hmmm.. well argued.  Because presumably the identity of the mole would have to be someone we know, or else we wouldn’t care that much.  So to me that means 4 people:  Skye, Lt Alicia Washington, Dr Malcolm Wallace, or Mark Reynolds.

    The LT doesn’t actually get a lot of screen time. So while it would be devastating to Taylor not so much for the audience.

    Mark would be an interesting choice because of his relationship with Maddy.  But I’m not sure they would go there.

    My personal favourite until this article was Dr Wallace.  Perhaps he was a little too obvious, but he was a little tooo helpful last episode.

    The one argument I can see against Skye is that she doesn’t really seem to be in a position to “know” what is going on in Terra Nova – troop movements and such.  She seems a little too fringe for that.

  • I didn’t even realize it was the same actress from Kings.

    I loved Kings!