The TV Addict Gives Thanks For…

Sure, we’re all glad to have our health and be surrounded by our loved ones, but being a self-proclaimed TV Addict, it wouldn’t be right for us not to acknowledge the huge role the boob tube plays in our lives! Here’s our list… add your contributions in the comment section!

When it comes to television, we’re grateful that…

people basically ignored Entertainment Weekly’s pan of ONCE UPON A TIME, instead embracing the charming show and its wonderful cast.

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES is packing it in. Sorry, but if you can’t take risks and make the season you already know to be your last a wild roller coaster of a ride, you deserve to have the plug pulled.

Twitter exists. Be it showrunners such as @sutterink and @damonlindelof speaking their mind, or the myriad of like-minded TV Addicts alerting us to news we can use 140 characters a time, social media has never been both so informative and fun.

CHARLIE’S ANGELS bit the dust. Here’s hoping it sends a message to the networks that there’s more to a revamp than slapping the familiar name on a sub-par product and sending it out into the world.

NBC remains in the ratings basement. Which is to say, despite being the first to poke fun at NBC’s seemingly never-ending woes, we’re thankful for anything that keeps the likes of PARENTHOOD and PARKS AND RECREATION on the air. #sixseasonsandamovie

DALLAS is coming. Yeah, it’s not until next summer, but we’re already stoked.

Jessica Lange is on AMERICAN HORROR STORY. Frankly, she’s one of the only reasons we continue watching the latest offering from Ryan Murphy, the reigning king of over-the-top shows that put style above substance.

2012 is just around the corner. Seriously, have you seen the promos for SMASH?

Joel McHale is so awesome. Yes, we’re beyond annoyed that COMMUNITY has been put on hiatus, but the fact that we can still get our McHale fix via the rapid-fire hilarity that is THE SOUP gives us reason to go on.

ABC picked up the ball that NBC dropped. No really, it’s official: From THE MIDDLE to REVENGE and everything in between, Wednesday night is the new Thursday.

Kim Kardashian’s marriage fell apart. No, we’re not being cruel, but let’s be honest: If this turns out to be the first step toward ending the national nightmare that has been the Kardashian clan’s take over, the $17 million fiasco will have been a worthwhile investment.

CBS has started to develop a different kind of procedural. Suffice it to say, what THE GOOD WIFE and PERSON OF INTEREST lack in CSI and NCIS-esque viewership levels, they more than make up for with sharp writing and crackling casts alike.

Jon Stewart and his DAILY SHOW cohorts are around to make us laugh even as the world around us careens toward hell in a handbasket.

Betty White. No explanation needed.

comedians and actors have jumped on the podcasting bandwagon in a big way. More to the point, shows from Adam Carolla, Marc Maron, Kevin Pollack and Alec Baldwin have not only made our time spent walking Mac that much more enjoyable, but are this close to making over-rehearsed promotional-driven spots on late night gab-fests all but obsolete.

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