Still undecided as to whether or not DEXTER is in the midst of its weakest season to date? Perhaps these three simple signs will help confirm your suspicions: 1) It took us until Tuesday morning to watch Sunday’s episode, which in previous years was practically unheard of. 2) Debra Morgan, once the show’s most grating character has quietly evolved into the series’ most interesting one as she begins her journey that we can only hope ends with her discovering the truth about her brother’s extra curricular activities . And 3) Most alarming of all was the fact that we — among with many others — completely called Sunday’s twist — you know, the traditional end-of-season-jaw-dropper that the show had spent eight episodes building towards — over a month ago. And speaking of twists we saw coming a mile away…

Last night’s episode of TERRA NOVA confirmed our suspicions that Skye (Allison Miller) was Commander Taylor’s much sought after Sixer mole. Yet rather than waste your valuable time patting ourselves on the back (Again!) we wanted to take a moment discuss the revelation surrounding Skye’s betrayal that had her only agreeing to do Mira’s dirty-work in exchange for Sixer medicine to cure her presumed-dead mother. For Skye’s betrayal speaks to the very question of what kind of show audiences want TERRA NOVA to be: Do you want a somewhat saccharin science fiction series akin to STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION where everyone at their core is good with the exception of a few bad apples whose actions are usually as a result of evil outside forces pulling some sort of string? Or would you prefer the show to go the more gritty and dark STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE route, where not everything is black and white but rather shades of morally ambiguous grey? We for one, having already had our fill of dark and depressing hour long dramas in the vein of BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, THE WALKING DEAD among many others, is more than content to enjoy TERRA NOVA’s family-friendly approach. What say you?

And finally, despite the fact that we find it hard to believe last night’s fantastic Thanksgiving, err.. sorry, Planksgiving-themed episode of HART OF DIXIE couldn’t have aired prior to the actual holiday, we wanted to give a much-needed shout out to the best thing to happen to the CW network since THE VAMPIRE DIARIES. What’s more, the delightful denizens of Bluebell Alabama and their seemingly never-ending parade of festivals is proof positive that a hit CW show need not always center around a group of vapid twenty-somethings playing teenagers doing really bad things. Don’t believe us? Take a look at last night’s ratings!

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  • Anonymous

    Must say, I do make time for Hart of Dixie every Monday, and Wade continues to be the main draw.  The guy can seriously act.  I also really like Lemon; both of these characters are multifaceted and show subtle hints into what’s really going on inside. 

    I try to catch up with GG every now and then, but frankly, the Charlie/Ivy thing has confused me from the get-go.  Does CeCe know her own granddaughter, or is she hiding something?  Where is the real Charlie?  There’s gotta be something I’m really missing… and I hope it’s an intriguing story—because the Blair/Chuck/wedding nonsense grew old after Episode One.