Good News, Bad News: PAN AM, GLEE & COMMUNITY

Good News: PAN AM finally became a trending topic on Twitter. Bad News: Thanks to the confusion surrounding its current status, which in case you’re wondering, has ABC officially claiming that the show is still in contention for a second season despite having just shortened its first season to 14 episodes. [Source]

Good News: In an effort to reverse its recent ratings decline, GLEE is currently negotiating with a big name musical talent for an upcoming guest spot in early 2012. Bad News: Ricky Martin was a “big name musical talent” in 1999. [Source]

Good News: Thanks to its fervent internet based fandom, COMMUNITY has won TV Guide Magazine’s 2011 Fan Favorite Award. Bad News: For TV Guide Magazine’s slightly older subscriber set, which upon receiving the issue in their mailbox were rumored to have been heard uttering the words, “What’s a Community?” [Source]

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