What’s Next For DAYS OF OUR LIVES’ EJ and Sami?

You’ve got to say this for DAYS OF OUR LIVES new headwriters, who rebooted the show in September by bringing back beloved characters and refocusing the soap’s storylines: They’re big on giving fans what they want. But when viewers who’ve been clamoring for one of Salem’s most notorious pairings to reunite, the scribes had their work cut out for them.

Why? Well, under previous regimes, Sami Brady and EJ DiMera did some pretty awful things to one another… culminating with her shooting him in the head while he laid on a bed, drunk as the proverbial skunk.

Kinda hard to bring back the romance after that, huh?

But this being a soap, there are ways. Oh, yes, there are ways. And in the case of EJ and Sami, it meant creating a scenario in which the pair believed their child dead, driving them to react as only soap opera characters would: With a heated bout of grief sex.

Which, of course, led to immediate regrets when, literally minutes later, they learned that rumors of their son’s death were most definitely exaggerated. (Whoopsie!)

The question now, however, is where does the pair go from here? Soap aficionados are already speculating that Sami — for whom the term “fertile Myrtle” may have been invented, what with her already having four tots running around town — will wind up pregnant. Many, however, hope this is not the case, thinking that the last thing the show needs is to put Sami — who is currently married to hunky Rafe Hernandez — through another “Who’s The Daddy?” story. But if not via a baby, the question looms: How do the writers turn Sami and EJ’s ill-advised, grief-driven romp into something more lasting? And is that even in the cards, what with EJ’s latest ex-wife, Nicole, slowly falling back under the charmer’s spell?

Something tells us this story will be complicated and messy. Already, Sami’s oldest son, Will, knows about his mom’s tryst, having accidentally walked in on the couples coupling and then beat a hasty and unobserved retreat. (His reaction? To vomit in the bushes!) And the less-vocal but equally passionate fans of Sami and Rafe have made it clear that they want to see her marriage survive this crisis.

In other words, the writers have their work cut out for them, because if there’s one thing we’ve learned from our years of watching soaps, triangles are like a warped version of Thunderdome: Three people enter, two people leave. But which two? Only time will tell!

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  • EJ no doubt

  • Rachel

    ej all the wey, let see boring=no one watch soaps frobiden love star cross lovers this is what fans want to see so ej dimera the one and only 

  • Tl332

    Of course Ej!

  • Maggie

    Without a doubt, EJ. These two are soulmates, and it’s time they were together.

  • nikki

    EJ, of course.

    but please dear god, no more babies! no more WTD – if I’m not mistaken almost every pregnancy Sami’s had (except probably Syd) has been a WTD… i think that’s been done.

  • Definitely EJ! He and Sami are cut from the same cloth, two sides of the same coin, soulmates.

  • Lee

    Rafe is the man for Sami…………..GO SAFE

  • SafenSound

    If the writers have any sense they’ll stick with Sami and Rafe. I can’t believe the former writers spent 3-4 years maturing Sami and she’s with the GREATEST guy in the world and all of her children only to have grief sex with an abuser, manipulator, controller and just the scum of the earth, EJAMI DOESN’T WORK PPL!!

  • Marissa

    I LOVE Sami and EJ together because they are HOT (On fire hot together regardless if they are fighting or making love.) They have a fire in them for each other, when they walk into a room, it’s like it’s only the two of them. Totally and completely want to see EJAMI together but then …………
    I also totally and completely LOVE Sami with Rafe because they are real, and romantic and everything Sami’s NEVER had in a relationship. With Austin, it was a sick school girl crush (obsession), with Brandon, it was almost like love but he was a prick to Sami and left her (booo) then we have Lucas, who i always thought was Sami’s one and only but he did some shitty things to Sami over the years as well.
    Let’s just say i’m team SAFE and team EJAMI (I want both, is that one of the choices???)
    I don’t want Sami and Rafe to split and i also want to see EJAMI together, how is this going to work? Can we say clone anyone????
    Ok i’ll stop my rambling now, i want Sami to be happy and she is only happy with Rafe. EJ is and always will hurt Sami so no to EJ afterall, i’m going with my final answer as Rafe.
    P.S. To the writers, just a heads up, if you think EJ blackmailing Sami’s son is going to end well, guess again, Sami is a wild beast (like a mother protecting her cubs); EJ watch out for Sami, don’t you dare mess with Samantha Gene Brady’s children because she will put an end to you once and for all.

  • SAFEFan

    Team SAFE baby 🙂

  • Jill

    EJ of course!  Who better than her soulmate, the person who accepts her just as she is!

  • Krista

    EJ is the only one who truly understands and accepts Sami for who she is because they are mirror-images of one another.  That’s unconditional love – something no one else has ever given her.

  • Dolly

    With actors like James and Alison, the writers just need to give them the lines.  What an interesting romance this will be, and what wonderful adventures they can get in for the rest of their lives together.

  • FormerFan

    Mmm .. SPAM. Delicious. Goes great with the load of b.s. this article served up. Giving the fans what they want??!?! LMAO! Only if they are listening to the Fabulous 40 JS stalkers who SPAM every corner of the web trying to look like a mighty fanbase who unfortunately can’t bring in the ratings EVER (although I suspect that’s not what they have done at all. Looks more like the final nail in the ejami coffin). 

    At this point, no guy is the right guy for Sami. She has been ruined beyond repair. She’s not sympathetic, she’s not likable, she’s not even watchable anymore. Congratulations Days PTB, you take driving long-time fans away in droves to new heights (or should I say, lows).

  • Gumnut67

    Ej is the only guy for sami .

  • Saminrafe

    Rafe is the only man for Sami. Rafe hasn’t abused,Raped or Manipulated her like Ej has done. How can you serious what Sami to be with a man who continuosly do these things to women?
    Rafe truly loves Sami and her kids , family is very important to him and he puts them first. Thats what a real man does, puts family first, not themselves.


  • FormerFan’sFan

    I have to agree with your post. The Ejami fanbase has the market on SPAM. It’s what drives them. FL site pleads with their members to vote more then once, send letters, postcards to TPTB, encourage multiple screen names to give the illusion that the Ejami fanbase is growing by leaps and bounds. I know this because i secretly watch on that site and to tell you the truth it’s so out of control i refuse to vote. The only reason i came here was to read FormerFan’s post because i heard it was the voice of reason. Thanks.

    and my VOTE is for SAFE! EJ sux.

  • Dana

    Obviously this article is written by someone who thinks EJ and Sami are some great love story.  Far from the truth.  At this point Sami is no longer rootable and I could give a poop less if they paired her with her rapist, abuser …violater. 
    TPTB should just do the viewers a favor and reunite them and send them packing from Salem and off my screen.  They can showcase their so-called talent some place away from my viewing eye.  BTW not ALL the fans have been clamoring for this disgusting couple.  Just the same one who haven’t given up from day one.

  • grossegagmesex

    I don’t think half of you watch the show.  Ej does not love Sami just the way she is.  He never has.  He is always trying to change some aspect of her personality or her life.  He abuses her at every turn and when he isn’t raping her, he hires someone to do so.  This story is so ridiculous and insulting to long time days fans who were promised the exact opposite from the new writers. Ej and Sami are a disgusting pairing, the actors chemistry are seriously lacking and both actors deserve better than to be paired in such a vile coupling.  They bring zero entertainment value to the show and I know lots of people who have turned the show off.  Get back to the basics of good storytelling Days and quick jumping the shark for shock ratings.  It didn’t work. Days lost over 100,000 viewers from Thursday to Friday in a week where all soaps were up in viewership.  Sick Sick Sick

  • EJ, the only man for Sami

  • Pvettese

    Elvis and Samantha  forever it is long overdue !!!

  • ej duh cause they got so much history plus he hot