So excited for tonight’s return of BONES. Even more excited for what’s rumored to be an Emmy-worthy episode for David Boreanaz. Anything you care to tease? — Nancy
The TV Addict: As much as I’d love to be able to tease the heartbreaking circumstances that come crashing down on Booth in tonight’s episode that afford David Boreanaz an opportunity to deliver one of his most emotionally impactful performances to date, we’re afraid that to do so would pretty much spoil the episode’s most shocking moment. Cue obligatory ambiguous tease that goes a little something like so: This time, it’s personal.

With all the buzz surrounding Booth, I’m curious if there is anything for us Brennan fans in tonight’s episode of BONES? — Jenn
The TV Addict: Oddly enough, tonight’s episode does an excellent job of highlighting a handful of positives as a result of Brennan’s decreased workload due to Emily Deschanel’s real-life pregnancy. One of which has to do with a hilarious anatomy lesson that Brennan gives Squintern Clark, while another is the return of the always welcome Tina Majorino as Booth’s sidekick Agent Shaw.

Any HAWAII FIVE-0 Scoop? — Jake
The TV Addict: Do you happen to be the parent of a teenager who bares a striking resemblance to a young Alex O’Loughlin? If so the Producers of HAWAII FIVE-0 want to hear from you! Okay, they don’t really want to hear from you, that said, sources have confirmed that they are searching for a young man to play a 16-year old version of McGarrett for a pivotal upcoming episode that will shed some very welcome light on McGarrett’s relationship with his super secretive father.

Does admitting to you that I’m a thirty something gal obsessed with ABC Family’s PRETTY LITTLE LIARS warrant any scoop about the show’s January return? — Brenda
The TV Addict: Indeed it does! And you’ll be happy to know that when the hit ABC Family show returns for the second half of its sizzling second season on January 2nd, it will make up for lost time by delivering an incredibly action-packed episode. Emphasis being on the physical fireworks that doesn’t just go down when Ezra and Aria decide to fess up to Aria’s not-so-receptive parents about their relationship, but also when the girls finally come face-to-face with a certain letter of the alphabet. Suffice it to say, there will be blood. There will also be a long overdue development that may finally give the girls the upper hand in the battle to bring down A!

Now that ONCE UPON A TIME has solidified itself as my favorite new show of the season, I could really use some scoop? — Brandon
The TV Addict: Us to! Unfortunately, co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz spent six years learning about the LOST art of secret keeping from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse so they know a thing… or five about keeping secrets. Which means, all we have to share with you are some brief teases culled from across the internet that has Sunday offering up a very Charming episode that will see our favorite new prince be forced to choose between Mary Margaret and Kathryn. More exciting still, when ONCE closes out the first half of it’s 2011 season, it will do so on a decidedly hopeful note when another resident of StoryBrooke begins to remember his (or her!) fairytale past.

For some inexplicable reason that may-or-may-not have to do with my own insecurities, it would really help me out if you could give me some hope that THE MIDDLE’s Sue Heck will succeed at something, heck, anything this season? — Amy
The TV Addict: First, let us start off my saying that despite the fact that a guy who runs a website called should probably not be the one to judge anyone, Sue Heck most definitely should not be the barometer for which you measure your own self worth. That said, if it is, you’ll be happy to learn that your favorite member of the family Heck will be starting off 2012 on the right note when she scores her very first… wait for it… boyfriend! More exciting still, he’s a wrestler named Matt.

Why is 2 BROKE GIRLS not available On Demand? It’s, like, the ONLY show that CBS airs which isn’t. (And no jokes about “because nobody wants to see that sh*t”) — Richie
The TV Addict: Since you already read our mind by offering up a variation of Valerie Cherish’s catch Comeback catchphrase (“I didn’t need to see that”), we’ll forgo the obvious by doing something we rarely do: Offer up actual information. 2 BROKE GIRLS is not available On Demand (or iTunes for that matter) because it’s produced by Warner Bros. Television, which unlike most studios has a tendency to make their comedies appointment viewing. A strategy, which judging from their track record including THE BIG BANG THEORY, TWO AND A HALF MEN and THE MIDDLE is hard to argue with.

As a diehard Ben and Leslie “shipper” on PARKS AND RECREATION, I could really use some reassurance as to just what exactly Leslie’s former boyfriend is doing back in Pawnee? — Bill
The TV Addict: While we’re sure Producers would like you to believe that the very likeable Louis C.K. has come back to Pawnee to drive a wedge between Ben and leslie, we’re talking 47916 (Random Indiana Zip Code) not 90210. Translation: What brings C.K’s Dave Sanderson back into the fold isn’t so much to rekindle a relationship with Leslie, but a job opportunity that will have him interviewing for Pawnee’s Chief of Police.

Can THE GOOD WIFE get any better this season? — Rachel
The TV Addict: Yes. Specifically, this Sunday’s episode that features the return of the duplicitously delicious Michael J. Fox as Alicia’s legal nemesis Louis Canning (A first look of which we’ve handily posted below)