We Preview Syfy’s Magical Mini-Series NEVERLAND

Everyone has grown up hearing the tale of “Peter Pan” – the story of a boy who-could-never-grow-old who invited a trio of children to join him in an extraordinary journey with pirates, Indians, a notorious Captain Hook, a blood-thirsty crocodile, and a fairy named Tinkerbell.  Inviting viewers to venture back into this warm-hearted world, Syfy’s mini-series NEVERLAND is a prequel telling the story of how Peter became the boy-who-could-fly and the misadventures he first encountered in the magical land of Neverland.
In this tale, in the beginning, Peter (Charlie Rowe) is still just a boy roaming the streets of London with his fellow comrades under the watchful eye of his mentor Jimmy Hook (Rhys Ifans).  But when a mysterious glowing orb is found, they are transported to the far corners of the universe to a world where amazing things are possible.  Similarly caught by the power of the orb, also found in this new world are a tribe of Indians and crew of pirates who are at odds on who should control the fairy magic hidden within the forest. 
Being the enterprising young men that they are, Peter and his mates befriend the Indians, while Jimmy Hook suffers a different fate, subjected to the seductive temptations of Captain Elizabeth Bonny (Anna Friel). With so many distractions and delicacies within reach is it any wonder that Jimmy Hook finds himself aligned with the pirates, while Peter and his crew discover that their loyalties lie with their newfound family in this remote corner of the universe?
Joining Peter in this incredible story of adventure are not only Jimmy Hook, but also his friends Fox, Curly, Slighty, Tootles and the Twins.  They meet along the way Captain Bonny, Smee (Bob Hoskins), the Indian Princess Aaya (Q’orianka Kilcher), the Kaw Chief (George Aguilar), and a mysterious Dr. Richard Fludd (Charles Dance), an alchemist with a different plan altogether.
When first confronted with a whole new world, Peter and his friends are only intent on finding a way back home.  But as they get to know their fellow friends and discover the delights of such an extraordinary, magical world, their loyalties are torn.  What does dusty, old England offer when compared to fairies, pirates, and Indians?  The life of freedom and adventure beckons and soon everyone is caught up in adventures grander than they could have ever envisioned.
In one of the more interesting threads woven throughout this story is the relationship of Peter and Jimmy.  This was a time when they were friends and would do anything to save and protect one another.  Their bond transcended the trials of time and withstood many tribulations.  But when faced with conflicting desires on whether to exploit or protect the magical world of Neverland, that friendship is tested.  The real story is not about just discovering a whole new world, but rather who one becomes once you are there.  Do you embrace your dark-side and allow your greed to set you on a path of treachery and deceit? Or do you cling to the goodness in your soul and remain a true friend to the bitter end?  As beautifully portrayed by Charlie Rowe and Rhys Ifans, Peter and Jimmy’s friendship feels true and their bond more real than the magic that surrounds them; and their journey is much more profound and touching because of their temptations they encounter.
Then deliciously intertwined with both Peter and Jimmy’s fates is the bodacious Captain Bonny, wickedly portrayed by Anna Friel.  Before there was a Captain Hook, there was a Captain Bonny – the woman who led Hook into temptation and encouraged his darker desires.  Aided by her trusty Smee and first mate Gentleman Starkey (Cas Anvar), Captain Bonny and her crew are fierce and yet cautious about whom they welcome onto the Jolly Roger as both friend and foe.
Also tugging at Peter’s heart-strings is the fair Indian Princess Aaya who challenges him to become the young man she knows him to be.  She stands by Peter’s side through each step of his journey to figure out a way to protect his friends and fairy world that the pirates would plunder for their own schemes.
Neverland is a wondrous place where more things than Peter could have ever imagined are possible.  But it also holds dangerous elements as he fights off giant spiders, disgruntled fairies, and a tenacious crocodile that looms in the background. 
The story of how Peter became the infamous “Peter Pan” is a magnificent journey.  It is a feast for the eyes and a delight for the soul.  It is a heart-warming family tale and you are invited to join in this tale on the nights of December 4th and 5th, as Syfy airs the 2-part mini-series at 9PM

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