While we’re usually the first to gripe about yet another classic HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER misdirection, or bemoan the convoluted way in which the show’s writers continue to torture us loyal viewers by diabolically failing to deliver an answer to even the simplest of questions, we find ourselves in an uncharacteristically charitable mood after watching and re-watching last night’s controversial episode. Why? Because the simple fact of the matter is that following six plus seasons of — as fellow TV Addict @gmmrtv so eloquently tweeted “waiting for the other shoe to drop” — we had absolutely zero expectation that Robin was actually pregnant. And while we sure as heck didn’t see her inability to have kids coming (not to mention the unexpected guest appearance by NEWSRADIO alum Vicki Lewis as her doctor!), we honestly feel that the beautiful way in which the episode ended — with Ted making sure Robin knew that whatever happens he’ll be there for her — didn’t just make up for any bitterness we felt over the episode’s twist, but really reinforced what this show is about. Which is to say, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER isn’t so much about the identity of the mother, but rather the remarkable friends you make along the way.

For those in the mood to feel old and by “old”, we mean “really super old,” in case you missed it, Lemon Breeland’s absentee mother on HART OF DIXIE last night was played by none other than… wait for it… former DAWSON’S CREEK star Meredith Monroe (Andie McPhee). Told ya!

Question: How does a writing staff possibly manage to deliver an episode that defies expectations following weeks of hype surrounding last night’s CASTLE midseason finale that saw Kate Beckett and Richard Castle physically cuffed together for the better part of an hour? Answer: By penning a script filled with so many memorable one-liners that we’re completely willing to forget the fact that the star-crossed lovers won’t be changing the status of their relationship on Facebook any time soon. But hey, don’t take our word for it, head on over to TVLine to check out what the always-on-the-ball Matt Mitovich tallied in terms of the night’s best soundbites. No word of a lie we’re still reeling from Castle’s suggestion that they escape from their cuffs 127 Hours-style and that Beckett be the one to cut off her hand because, “It’s smaller.”

Just to give you an indication of how disappointing this season of DEXTER continues to be following yet another hour spent watching an increasingly uninteresting Miami Police Department continue to remain one step behind this season’s serial killer du jour, we’ve find ourselves having a somewhat unexpected change of heart. Translation: We’re officially now rooting for Travis to finish the job!

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  • Anonymous

    Better not be the last we see of Lemon’s mom.  There’s gotta be more story there.  Can’t believe she’s six feet under.

  • John

    What do you six feet under?  We just saw her in the town 30 miles away with her new family.

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