We Preview Syfy’s Christmas Episodes of HAVEN, EUREKA and WAREHOUSE 13

As a special treat for fans and new viewers alike, a few of Syfy’s hottest shows are airing holiday episodes.  Each offers a fun-filled look at their characters as they get caught up in holiday misadventures and offer a bit of unexpected warm-hearted fun in the midst of it.  Christmas is a time of year to share gifts and yuletide joy and these holiday episodes embody the best of the season.

In HAVEN’s Christmas special, the latest “trouble” to hit the quirky town of Haven is “Christmas in July.”  When Audrey beings to see Christmas decorations popping up all around town and hearing Christmas music, no one thinks it is odd.  But Audrey knows that something surely is behind this unexpected wave of Christmas tidings and joy, and her suspicions are fueled as people begin to die and vanish mysteriously around town.  

So with Nathan and a reluctant Duke in tow, she attempts to track down the source of the Christmas infection.  But as they attempt to leave town, a huge surprise awaits them and they discover they are trapped.  It becomes a race against time to solve this latest mystery before the infection spreads to everyone in town with potential lethal side-effects.

For fans left anxiously awaiting the fates of our trio of heroes after last season’s climatic cliffhanger, this episode feels out of sequence, but it is still reassuring to see Audrey, Nathan and Duke working together sharing a few stolen moments of happiness before that fateful shot rings out on Duke’s boat.

The love and family-spirit of the episode soon sweeps one up into the merriment.  There are running gags and jokes poking fun at Audrey’s attempt to avoid the sharing in the Christmas season.  So the episode offers a great mystery and a treasure-filled episode for fans and will enchant new viewers too.  The entire episode feels like a delicious Christmas present waiting to be unwrapped.

Taking a page out of some of the holidays’ favorite stories, EUREKA offers a Christmas episode filled with animation and fun.  It is the night before Christmas and not a creature is stirring — well, except for the ones that little Jenna and her siblings Kevin and Zoe dream up.  Unfortunately for Jack, Allison, Fargo, Jo, Henry, Vincent, Andy and Taggart, the kids decide that Jenna should be allowed to open one Christmas present and she chooses an interactive storybook “Holotown” that once fueled with Kevin’s lithium air battery suddenly turns everyone into animated characters.

As the night’s adventures play out, each takes a turn at being cartoons, Claymation figures, and graphic novel characters as they try to figure out what happened and end up fighting off one nasty Snow-Ninja.  Using a little creative ingenuity, our heroes come up with a grand plan to take down the Snow-Ninja and save the town of Eureka before the kids can unknowingly dream up another super villain for them to fend off.

For EUREKA fans, it is a bit disorientating at first to adjust to seeing their favorite characters in non-human form, but the spirit we all love of each shines through and you have a sense the actors were having the time of their lives voicing their characters in this new animated world.  

The EUREKA holiday episode invites viewers to laugh and imagine a world where even magic (in the form of  “perception misconception” photons altering their perception of reality) is possible — and if you ever wanted to imagine Taggart as a wooly snowbear, Jo as a Disney princess, or Fargo as a bobblehead, then you are going to love having that wish fulfilled.

Then in the WAREHOUSE 13 holiday episode, it is Pete Lattimer’s worst nightmare come true:  a world without Pete.  After a run-in with a particularly mischievous artifact, Pete awakens to find he is in an alternate reality where he never existed.  In a twist on the “It’s a Wonderful Life” theme, Pete has to find a way to convince his former friends and colleagues to help him in finding the artifact so that he can return to his world.

Pete’s attempts to befriend and convince Artie, Claudia, Myka and Leena that he is not some crazy guy, is hysterical and unexpectedly charming.  This is the Pete we all know and love, the one who can come across completely outrageous and yet adorable at the same time.

Working against Pete is former Warehouse 13 agent Macpherson, who is still alive and kicking in this alternate-timeline and who does not want Pete’s mission to reinstate the other timeline to succeed.  So it is cat-and-mouse game as Pete rounds up the troops and concocts a daring plan to return to his rightful reality.

WAREHOUSE 13 simply scintillates when it returns to its roots, which is the beating heart of its characters.  As Pete rediscovers why his friends follow him no matter what zany adventure he leads them into, he also finds out how much he cherishes them too.  This episode will bring tears to the eyes and put a song in your heart.  It is a rare treat for this holiday season.

So be sure to tune in for the HAVEN, EUREKA and WAREHOUSE 13 holiday episodes to celebrate this Christmas season in the spirit it was intended — with gifts, surprises, and an abundance of love for everyone.  Mark your calendar for Tuesday, December 6th at 8 pm, when Syfy first airs the EUREKA, HAVEN, and WAREHOUSE 13 magnificent holiday episodes.

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