This week in Awesome: Not only did PARKS AND RECREATION have Leslie taking a page from FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS’ Coach Eric Taylor (“Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose”) in an effort to inspire the troops, the episode’s final scene that saw her hard-working staff dedicate the next few months of their lives to her election campaign was this close to having us standing up and cheer, “I serve at the pleasure of the President.”

You’re a Mean One, Mr. NBC: Indeed, nothing says cruel and unusual punishment like forcing fans to watch another exemplary episode of COMMUNITY all the while knowing full well that this may be the last time we see it on the air for God knows how long!

Most Controversial Moment: Despite the internet being fiercely divided over this week’s highly contentious episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER that removed the possibility of Robin ever having biological children of her very own, there is one thing anyone would be hard-pressed to argue about: Having attracted the show’s highest ratings in two years, the show’s writers must be doing something right.

The Biggest Loser: Judge Nicole Scherzinger, who after crushing the dreams of 14-year old Rachel Crow on Thursday’s edition of THE X FACTOR couldn’t muster even a word or two of an explanation. Weakest link much?

Biggest Head-scratcher: While we’re usually the first to commend those smarter-than-your-average-showrunners over at THE GOOD WIFE for sharp storytelling and believable character development, we feel the need to take them down a peg based on Sunday’s comedy of errors in which daughter Grace was presumed kidnapped having accidentally butt-dialled mother Alicia. To borrow a line from SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE’s Seth and Amy, “Butt-dialing… 12 times… Really?”

From the Department of Thou Shalt Covet Objects From Thy Favorite TV Set: Is anyone else obsessed with the Victoria’s Grayson’s mesmerizing black and white chair on REVENGE? Or are you — as you should be — too busy counting down the days until the new season’s guiltiest pleasure returns?

Most Unexpected Moment: Question: When is the only acceptable time for a transgendered person to get into a fight with two grown men? Answer: On Tuesday’s hilarious RAISING HOPE, which now that BETTER OFF TED has been put to bed, is quietly solidifying itself into the funniest show you — yes YOU — aren’t watching.

Occupy Ustream: A company with far too much disposable income on their hand has apparently offered Octomom Nadya Suleman six-figures to star in her own weekly internet show to be broadcast on Ustream.

Adding Insult to Industry: Despite announcing that the incredibly unfunny MAN UP! is being yanked from their schedule, ABC has yet to throw COUGAR TOWN a bone. Deciding instead to fill the space with repeats of Tim Allen’s LAST MAN STANDING. Ouch!

And the Award for the Hardest Working Man in Show Business Goest To…: Mark Pellegrino, who following stints this year on CSI:MIAMI, BEING HUMAN, BREAK OUT KINGS, THE CLOSER, SUPERNATURAL, and LOCK & KEY will end the year by infusing a little ruthlessness into CASTLE’s 1940’s film noir episode. Speaking of which…

Funniest Moment: Five days after the fact, we’re still chuckling over Castle’s suggestion to Beckett that the only way they’re going escape being cuffed together was for her hand to be sawed off 127 Hours-style because “it’s smaller.”