Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Annoying Characters Ruining Otherwise Enjoyable Shows

It never fails. A show is humming along perfectly and then… they walk into the room. You know who we mean. That character who just brings the show to a grinding stop. The one who gets under your skin and causes your eyes to roll. As with most things, it’s completely subjective… what causes one viewer’s skin to crawl has another purring like a kitten. But here’s our list of characters we’d love to see take a long walk off a short pier.

We like the actor and want to like the character, but he’s just so dang… well, obnoxious. It’s hard to imagine why Alex would be friends with the guy. On the plus side, Mark’s bonding with Roxanne has some potential, so perhaps there’s hope for him yet!

REVENGE’s Declan
The inexplicable accent alone is enough to give us a hate-on where this character’s concerned. It doesn’t help that we’re not particularly fond of his love interest, Charlotte, either. 

In a town full of charming characters we ador, Chris stands out like Donald Trump at a convention for well-coiffed dudes.

Every time Frankie goes to work, we cringe at the thought of spending time with Bob. If we wanted to hang out with annoying co-workers, we’d go to our own workplace.

GOSSIP GIRL’s Charlie/Ivy
How did someone so bland completely take over the show? Then again, she’s a Serena clone, and heaven knows being bland never stopped her! 

  • MGL

    My husband and I say the same thing every week watching Revenge.  I like Jack having a younger brother to care for but this actor is sooo annoying.  Maybe they need to send the kid away and then recast the character and bring him back with another actor.  It detracts from the show.