In Defense of SUITS Star Patrick J. Adams’ SAG Nomination

Every time award nominations are announced there is the usual hoopla about whether the various films, TV shows, actors and actresses were expected to get nominations — or if some miracle happened and someone out-of-the-blue nabbed a nomination.  Today was no exception as the Screen Actors Guild nominations were announced and rising-star Patrick J. Adams’ name was announced for his work in the USA Network series SUITS. 
Some critics were incredulous and some were ecstatic. Here at, we are among the ecstatic and are not at all incredulous at Patrick’s nomination.  In fact, it was well-deserved.
For anyone who saw the pilot episode and the subsequently astounding episodes that followed, Patrick Adams’ performance as Mike Ross in SUITS covered the spectrum, from endearing to heart-felt to heart-wrenching to subtly funny.  Best of all, Patrick made the character feel real.  For fans of the show, most would agree that from the very first moment on screen, Mike Ross was someone they identified with and whom they wanted to be friends with.  Patrick brought a unique quality to the character that made it understandable why a man such as Harvey Specter (phenomenally portrayed by Gabriel Macht) would risk everything to take Mike under-wing and concoct an outrageous scheme to have Mike pose as an attorney at one of the most renowned law firms in New York City.  Because Mike felt real, and like someone we wanted to be a part of our lives, we understand why Harvey would too.
It is a credit to Patrick that he found the secret ingredient to making a character so addictive.  With this well-earned SAG nomination, hopefully, it will garner more interest in a show that only deserves to grow in popularity and to further showcase Patrick’s fine work.
Congratulations Patrick!

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  • Jeff

    Great post Tiffany. And so true. Patrick well deserves this nomination. Maybe it’s a message to the industry that people are growing weary of low-life, strung out, unlikable characters and want to recognize an upcoming actor who is taking on an upbeat, refreshing, affable character who is a breath of fresh air for a change!

  • He is definitely not the Perabo nom this year. He is arguably the best actor on his show and the show has given him a wide range of material to work with, been well reviewed, and well received. The show itself reminds me of Damages if Damages was declawed. Not bothered at all by this nom. Plenty of other reasons to be pissed at Sag before this one should be touched.

  • Palikuca

    In front of Damien Lewis, Giancarlo Esposito, Aaron Paul, Kelsey Grammer, Timothy Olyphant, Peter Krause, Ray Romano, Walton Goggins, Michael Pitt, Sean Bean?

    He might be a solid actor, but his role is nowhere as “showy” as those guys named above.

  • Joan Lin

    Agree totally, those who said they are ‘surprised’, did they watch Suits, or go to his stage show? I am so happy for Patrick and he deserves the nomination. all the Suitors would agree with me whole heartily. Thank you, Tiffany, for saying what we want to say so well. I thank you and all the Suitors thanks you.