Dying for some NIKITA intel after the recent doozy of a midseason finale. Any clues as to what happens next? — Dakota
The TV Addict: While we don’t pretend to have any viable intel on the mother of all twists that went down in the most recent episode, we can report that all signs are pointing to Nikita doing a little soul searching in the New Year. And by soul searching, we of course mean confronting the sole woman who may-or-may-not be able to shed some light on Nikita’s long-awaited “origin story!” An origin story which in typical NIKITA fashion will come complete with flashbacks to an underground rehab clinic, murder, Mexico, plenty of gunplay, and some guy named Percy.

Now that BONES is back in production, care to share the name of Booth and Brennan’s baby? — Jane
The TV Addict: As much as we would absolutely love to reveal the name of Booth and Brennan’s baby. our love of staying on creator Hart Hanson’s good side wins the day yet again. Thus, in lieu of any actual information we hope you’ll forgive us for this highly ambiguous tease: Lifelong loyal BONES fan should already know the name of Booth and Brennan’s baby. And yes, now would be your cue to guess away in the comments below.

Any idea as to what type of relationship roadblocks are forthcoming for Sarah and Mark on PARENTHOOD? — Courtney
The TV Addict: Ideas, we’ve got plenty, unfortunately fans of Sarah (Lauren Graham) and Mark (Jason Ritter) probably aren’t going to want to hear them. Which is to say, when PARENTHOOD returns in January, so to will one of Mark’s twenty-something besties named Kirsten. And while Kirsten will by no means come between Sarah and Mark, a dinner in which Mark introduces Sarah to his group of twenty-something friends will further illuminate the gaping age difference between the two in a new and awkward way. Oh, and while we’re on the subject of relationships that fall under the “It’s Complicated” category, things are about to get a lot more so for Jasmine when Dr. Joe makes his intentions crystal clear.

Is there anything you can give me in terms of COUGAR TOWN scoop to help fill the void as a result of this seemingly never-ending hiatus? — Lisa
The TV Addict: Since ABC has yet to let the cat out of the bag with regards to a premiere date (although, if we had to speculate, there’s talk out there that it will return sooner than expected.), we’ll let the cat out of the bag on a little something that is guaranteed to put a smile on the segment of the fandom rooting for Laurie and Travis to get together. It is totally going to happen! But before it does, Laurie will first find herself in a relationship with a military man who is currently serving overseas.

Is GENERAL HOSPITAL really going to kill off Robin? — Amy
The TV Addict: Although everything at the ABC sudser is sort of up in the air right now thanks to the massive backstage changes that saw new head writer Garin Wolf demoted so that ONE LIFE TO LIVE’s former scribe, Ron Carlivati, can take over, it’s looking like the answer is probably “no.” Even before ABC confirmed that Kimberly McCullough — the popular actress who has played Dr. Robin Scorpio-Drake on and off since 1985 (when she was just 7 years old!) — would be leaving, rumors were circulating that the character (who has been living with HIV since 1995) would develop AIDS and die. But this week, Robin went to her longtime friend (and former beau) Jason, asking that the Mob enforcer help her vanish after the holidays in order to spare her husband, Patrick, and their daughter, Emma, the pain of watching her illness develop. (It was also revealed that demented doc Lisa Niles replaced the medications Robin has been taking for years with placebos, thus weakening her immune system.) Speculation now is that the character will do exactly that, allowing McCullough to exit the canvas at the end of her contract and leaving the door open for her return. This week, news broke that Finola Hughes would be returning to GH early next year. Given that Hughes plays Robin’s mom, Anna (who happens to be a super spy), it seems likely that her stint will play into Robin’s exit story.

Any word on just how bad Bree is going to spiral out of control on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? — Melanie
The TV Addict: According to sources, Bree isn’t scheduled hit rock bottom until early in 2012, when a series of embarrassing alcohol-fueled hook ups will result in an unexpected trip to the doctor’s office where she’ll be confronted with some very troubling news.

At the beginning of this season, the producers of HAPPY ENDINGS promised a boyfriend for Max, yet thus far we’ve got nothing! Is there any hope at all on the relationship front for the funniest character to hit the small screen since SEINFELD’s Kramer? — Brandon
The TV Addict: My friend, we’re sorry to report that this is yet another one of those classic good news bad news situations because as you’ll soon discover, there is a downside to Max getting a boyfriend in an upcoming episode entitled “Everybody Loves Grant.” As the episode’s title suggests, the gang’s infatuation with Grant — coupled with Brad and Jane’s penchant for taking things a little too far — has the potential to tear the HAPPY ENDINGS crew apart! Especially if the words “couples cheating” means anything to you.

I know it has been a while since GREY’S ANATOMY last aired, but I’m hoping you can alleviate my fears as to the fate of Meredith! She’s going to be okay following that horrific crash right? — Lizzy
The TV Addict: Since we’ve actually received quite a few questions over the course of the past few weeks pertaining to the fate of one Meredith Grey we hope this just released photo from the upcoming January 5th episode of GREY’S ANATOMY will alleviate your fears. Meredith Grey isn’t just doing okay, she’s doing a heck of a lot better than poor Christina, who will be forced to help Teddy with her patient in the O.R. all the while not being able to tell her about the fate of Teddy. Gulp.

  • embeekay

    re: bones baby, it’s gotta be Christine or Joy, right?

  • Linda


    Her name is Christine…after her mom.

  • Maggief2

    Has to be Christine (Brennan’s Mama), don’t you think?

  • Eryn Grace

    Bones – Baby is called Christine after Brennen’s Mother. (: 

  • Samara

    Maybe Joy Brennan-Booth?

  • Mommahurley

    Well I won’t say because I already know… but.

    I thought Patience would be very … appropriate!  lol lol. 

  • Lindy

    My bet is on Christine, after her mother.

  • J.R.

    Joy, possibly.  That’s Bones’ real name, after all.  Her mother’s name was Ruth.  Hard to imagine them going with Ruth.

  • AngelMoon Girl

    It’s Christine!

  • Guest

    Christine, after her mom?

  • Bamboloccia

    Joy after her mom? Hope after her real name? Katherine after Kathy Reichs? 

  • LaLieza

    Oh God please don’t let it be Christine. So sick of all the fans already using that name in fanfiction so I hope the writers are a bit more creative than that!

  • Philly713

    Idk, the name for the little Brennan/Booth bundle of joy could either be Christine or Joy. Or it could be Andi, an obvious nod to baby Andy from season 3. Lol..

  • piper4444205

    I think the name could be any of the following; Ruth, Christine, Joy, or Addison.  But what I think would actually be a really long name, here’s my guess Addison Christine Joy Brennan-Booth.

  • Carez123

    That’s a little long, but okay…

  • I’ll bet Christine Joy Brennan-Booth

  • Hockeybabbie329

    Christine Angela Booth …… they said the grl was going to be named after 2 important ladies in Brennans life… whos more important to Brennan then Angela and her Mom!!