The HFPA Announces their 2012 GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD Nominees and We’ve Got Your Good, Bad & Ugly!

The Good: Despite our many many (seriously, emphasis on the many) problems with the Hollywood Foreign Press Association’s (HFPA) nominees for the 69th ANNUAL GOLDEN GLOBE AWARDS, there are, as always, a few reasons for us to cheer. Those reasons include some much-deserved recognition for PARKS AND RECREATION’s Amy Poehler, GAME OF THRONES’ Peter Dinklage and HOMELAND’s leading players Claire Danes and Damian Lewis. Also falling under the category of ‘good’ is a shout out to Madeline Stowe’s deliciously-evil, err… we mean unfortunately misunderstood turn as Grayson matriarch Victoria on REVENGE and Johnny Galecki, whose somewhat subdued performance on THE BIG BANG THEORY far too often gets forgotten amidst the heightened hilarity of his supporting cast.

The Bad: Where do we begin? GLEE for Best Comedy/Musical, CALIFORNICATIONS’ David Duchovny, or the unfortunate way in which the HFPA insists on cramming together all the supporting television roles so that BOARDWALK EMPIRE’s Kelly MacDonald ends up in a category against MODERN FAMILY’s Sofia Vergara?! Yes, let’s begin there shall we, because that last point really speaks to the root of our problem with this entire process. Which is to say, it’s not so much that we have an issue with what did get nominated, but rather the haphazard way in which the television categories are treated that leaves us with the distinct impression that the medium we love so dear is being treated like a second-class citizen in contrast to the far flashier film categories. Which brings us to…

The Ugly: How much thought do the members of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association give to the television categories, really? We only ask because based on yet another year of all too predictable nominees, one can’t help but feel as though that actors aren’t being nominated based on merit but rather an unspoken HFPA checklist that includes the obligatory “next big thing” (See: NEW GIRLS’ Zooey Deschanel), requisite buzz-worthy shows (See: AMERICAN HORROR STORY, GLEE), now standard USA Network shout out (See: Callie Thorne, NECESSARY ROUGHNESS) and colorful collection of former movie stars whose inclusion will ensure even more star power during the award show’s January 15th broadcast (See: ENLIGHTENED’s Laura Dern, THE BORGIAS’ Jeremy Irons and AMERICAN HORROR STORY’s Jessica Lange). How else to explain the almost unconscionable snubs that include but are not limited to the immensely talented ensemble casts of FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, PARKS AND RECREATION, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, THE GOOD WIFE, BREAKING BAD, SHAMELESS, HAPPY ENDINGS, among others.

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