We Preview the DOCTOR WHO Christmas Special: The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe

Every since the return of DOCTOR WHO in 2005, we have been given a bright, gaily wrapped Christmas present in the form of a special DOCTOR WHO episode celebrating the holiday season.  In 2005, there was “The Christmas Invasion”; in 2006, there was “The Runaway Bride”; in 2007, there was “Voyage of the Damned”; in 2008, there was “The Next Doctor”; in 2009 there was “The End of Time”; in 2010, there was “A Christmas Carol” and this year, it is “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe.”
Just like last year’s whimsical look at the meaning of Christmas in “A Christmas Carol,” this year’s episode is another chance to travel back into our childhoods and revisit a time when life was simpler, more colorful and full of magic. 
In 1938, after a young widow (Claire Skinner) comes to the aid of The Doctor (Matt Smith), he promises her a Christmas wish.  Three years later, as the widow escapes into the country with her two children, seeking refuge from the encroaching war, she finds a mysterious gift that transports her and her daughter Lily (Holly Earl) and son Cyril (Maurice Cole) into a winter wonderland.  With a nod to C.S. Lewis’ classic, “The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe,” Steven Moffat offers his spin on how The Doctor, a young widow and her children, slip through a time portal in a wardrobe and discover the meaning of Christmas in a time when all hope seems lost.

For those that caught the December 6th prequel [Above] to this spectacular holiday episode, we saw The Doctor stuck on a ship about to explode, seeking assistance from Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).  Alas, Amy is not on the TARDIS and cannot fly the TARDIS, and the last thing seen was The Doctor wishing Amy “Merry Christmas” as the ship exploded.  This undoubtedly led to The Doctor’s predicament when the young widow found him and his gratefulness and subsequent desire to grant her a Christmas wish.
Finding out how The Doctor ended up on a ship about to explode, how he escaped and the adventure he leads the Arwell family on promises to be extraordinary.  Watch preview below:

One of the things DOCTOR WHO does best is reminding viewers to rediscover their inner child and appreciate all the wonder that life has to offer.  From discovering new and brilliant alien species to battling evil foes to traveling through the great expanse of time and space, DOCTOR WHO invites viewers to take this amazing journey with him.  For The Doctor himself is astounded and delighted by everything there is to discover and his joy is infectious.  He never doubts that each new adventure will be more incredible that the last – and each is!
Take the time to discover hope, joy and happiness as seen through the lens of a Time Lord traipsing throughout a vast universe, unconfined by the normal constraints of time, and who seeks only share his wondrous adventures.   It is Christmas and in the spirit of giving, DOCTOR WHO gives us another story that will charm us and which warm hearts around the globe.
As a special treat, starting Friday, December 23rd  at 9PM, BBC America will air all of the recent DOCTOR WHO Christmas specials, from “The Christmas Invasion” up through last year’s “A Christmas Carol.”  Then, on Sunday, December 25th, BBC America will air a marathon of all 13 episodes of the recently aired 6th season of DOCTOR WHO leading up to the new Christmas episode.
Finally, to see the Christmas episode, “The Doctor, The Widow and The Wardrobe,” be sure to tune in on Christmas Day at 9PM on BBC America.

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