Our 2011 TV Year in Review (Part II)

Most Troubling Realization: We’re not getting any younger. How else to explain the fact that our love of CBS procedurals (PERSON OF INTEREST, THE GOOD WIFE) have begun to eclipse our once insatiable appetite for trashy television (See: The entirety of the CW’s schedule save for HART OF DIXIE and NIKITA)

Best Last Ditch Effort: Not even an epically exciting death for Tyler could save V following two seasons spent squandering a winning premise and talented ensemble.

Biggest Flip Flopper: Remember when executive producer Ryan Murphy promised that GLEE’s third season would see a re-emphasis on the show’s core cast? Yeah well… after announcing upcoming guest spots for Ricky Martin, Helen Mirren and REAL HOUSEWIVES’ Nene Leakes, neither does he!

Latest Obsession: Sex! Scandal! Servants! Who’d have thought that a 1914-set Victorian drama on PBS of all places would be the perfect anecdote for REVENGE’s winter hiatus? DOWNTON ABBEY FTW!

Best Trend: The once unstoppable reality TV juggernauts that were DANCING WITH THE STARS, SURVIVOR and AMERICAN IDOL all saw viewership decline this year. Couple that with the recent ratings resurgence for quality scripted fare such as REVENGE, SUBURGATORY, PERSON OF INTEREST among others, and we can’t help but think that maybe… just maybe… there is hope for us as a culture after-all.

Worst Trend: Hollywood’s penchant for relying on familiar franchises continued to falter this season with a CHARLIE’S ANGELS reboot that had both Aaron Spelling and Farrah Fawcett rolling over in their graves.

Coolest Realization: Nobody is safe on GAME OF THRONES. And yes, we’re still reeling from that doozy of a finale that was pretty much akin to a STAR TREK series killing off its captain and first officer. Damn.

Internet Meme We Still Don’t Get the Appeal Of: Can someone please explain to us what exactly the appeal of Animated Gifs are?

Funniest Thing We’re Not Sure We Should be Laughing About: Jimmy Kimmel’s penchant for viral videos that feature parents embarrassing their children by pretending to taking away their Halloween candy or offering up less than stellar Christmas presents is funny… until that is we start to wonder the amount of therapy these poor kids will probably need after embarrassing themselves in front of millions.

The Rodney Dangerfield Award: Despite countless timeslots and no promotion to speak of — six seasons in — RULES OF ENGAGEMENT continues to perform wherever and whenever CBS takes it off the bench.

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  • shanna bowie

    I really appreciate a good animated gif. 

  • John

    Supernatural is trashy TV?  No.