Colin Morgan Dishes on MERLIN Season 4

After an epic battle with the evil sorceress Morgana and her sister Morgause to reclaim the throne of Camelot at the end of the 3rd season, MERLIN returns with the promise of more adventure, subversive plots, and continuing the amazing journey of the legendary Prince Arthur and Merlin as they step into the roles they were destined for – King of Camelot and the greatest wizard of all time.  Taking a few minutes to talk with the press in a recent conference call, star Colin Morgan talked about the challenges Merlin will face in the 4th season and whether there is any hope for the increasingly unhinged Morgana.
What can you share about MERLIN’s fourth season and how it’s going to be different and what we can expect?
COLIN: I think one of the first things people will notice is that it looks very different. It’s got a different tone to it this year. We’re shooting on 35 mil, which is what movies are filmed at the minute. So it’s got a real movie-look to it, along with a French kind of theme, and the stories have become a lot more powerful. They’ve become a lot more complex. They’re pushing connectors in directions that really there’s no going back on. So big shifts, big steps, big changes. And of course, the tagline of the season this year is “The darkest hour is just before the dawn.” So that is a hint of the tone of the series. It definitely is much stronger.
After three seasons, how do you compare Merlin’s friendship with both Arthur and Gwen at this point?
COLIN: It’s interesting. Arthur and Gwen are destined to be the future king and queen, and it’s Merlin’s destiny to ensure that Arthur becomes the greatest king of the land. Then Gwen — Gwen’s a great friend of Merlin’s also. So, I mean, there’s a huge amount of respect and loyalty among the three of them. I think everything goes according to plan — the future will be set in stone. But really this series shows that a lot of things have broken up — certainly the trio, Arthur, Gwen and Merlin. There’s a huge way to go between them — and kind of halfway – it sort of towards the end of the season — there will be something which strains their friendship that is going to be very difficult to repair.
Because this next season is a lot darker and everything, does that present new challenges for the actors or the writers? Is that harder to incorporate the humor that MERLIN is known for?
COLIN: Well, what’s great this season is that it struck a really good balance. As dark as the stories go, they never go into the realm of complete darkness. There’s always an element of fun to them.  There is, in a sense, that as dark it goes – humor is almost a way to cope.  It is certainly part of MERLIN in many situations.  That’s something that I really appreciate is that the humor is always there and that the characters are still themselves as dark as the stories go.
Do you prefer following the legend, as we know it? Or do you like deviating from the known story?
COLIN: It’s always more intriguing actually whenever you get the script and it’s called something that is part of the story of the original legend. So it’s good to have develop the preconception of how it’s going to be, but I also I think when things veer slightly off in the fantasy way in the way that MERLIN does it, I’m always intrigued by that. But equally so.  Whenever those iconic images, like with Excalibur are performed right in front of your eyes, that’s also huge and exciting — and I think that’s what works about the show is the two blend styles very well together.
One of the big draws for a lot of viewers is Merlin and Arthur’s relationship. Can you talk a little bit about how that continues to grow and change over the course of this next season?
COLIN:  Yes, I mean, it’s one of the most iconic relationships in fantasy. It’s very much about bringing Arthur to the point where he can really rule — and in the fourth season we see them grow apart a little bit actually. There’s a new character called Agravaine, whose Arthur’s uncle and who is on the scene, and Merlin very quickly realizes he’s not all that he seems. Yet Agravaine is Arthur’s confidante. He’s exactly where Merlin should be, and Merlin very quickly kind of sort of aggravates him. It’s about Merlin trying to regain that position — to try to get by Arthur’s side to be there for him and to get him to make the right decisions. Because, as things very quickly change and Arthur gains more responsibility, it’s exactly what MERLIN should be. It’s about friendship.
What is your favorite Merlin to play? Is it the sort of clumsy funny Merlin, the dramatic Merlin, or that great Dragonlord Merlin?
COLIN: I would say it’s the variety that I like. It’s the facets of the character. That’s the part that fascinates me. I think variety is the “spice of life” and getting a chance to place yourself in all directions, being so many parts where there is a complexity — that I enjoy the most.
At this point does Merlin believe Morgana is beyond redemption or does he still hope that he can save her from her dark destiny to be his greatest enemy?
COLIN: No, she’s beyond redemption. I think that Merlin’s definitely come to that conclusion. He’s given her chances. He’s tried to show her the good path. Merlin knows that if magic is a part of you then you have to choose how to use it. It doesn’t choose you. And he’s always chosen the good path. And she’s just gone by further, further. She’s kind of a bit power hungry now and she just wants power for herself and she wants the throne and she wants it all for her. And that’s bad qualities. That’s irredeemable. So she is his ultimate nemesis in the series.
Do you think Merlin had any regrets as far as when Morgana really needed him he really kind of turned his back on her?
COLIN: Yes, yes. I mean it’s a difficult call because Merlin has tried a lot to show her the right thing to do. And it became very clear early on that he was told that Morgana would be his downfall and his doom and would be the one who is in direct opposition to all his goals and his destiny. And that’s been his most important thing about his focus as difficult as it is or has been he’s had to so much aside for the future of his kind and if that means sacrificing her or anyone, as ruthless as it is, that’s what he signed up for when he came to Camelot. That was the deal. It says a lot about him as a character the fact that sometimes your emotions have to be shoved aside and you’ve got to do that. And Morgana is definitely beyond redemption. She has chosen that path. She’s, as far as Merlin’s concerned, she’s had her chances. . . .  I think Merlin’s stopped building the bridge and he’s ready to just really just move on. He’s very focused on that this season. And Morgana has a huge fear of this figure called Emrys, who is what Merlin is known as among the Druids. As she has an image of Emrys, it is only the old Merlin.  So throughout the season whenever Merlin changes into old Merlin, she has this terrible, terrible fear of him. He doesn’t quite understand it, but of course it’s great from his point of view because we don’t often get to see Morgana in such a state of distress. And she certainly as ruthless as she is – yet she has a huge fear of Emrys as well. And that’s something — that’s a real strong subplot throughout the whole season too.
There’s going to be confrontation obviously between Merlin and Morgana. Can you talk about filming some of those scenes with Katie?
COLIN: Yes, what’s great is we get the mix as old Merlin. And it’s fun because as Merlin gets the opportunity to use magic openly to say what he’s really thinking and the interaction between Morgana and the old Merlin is a confrontation that takes place which is now pretty epic. Between Merlin, as himself, and Morgana there’s such a history there of it’s everything of the betrayal of hope, of love, of friendship. It’s very, very complicated. And so when they come to a head in this season, as they do on a number of occasions, it’s fueled with such a back-story of complications that it’s sort of charged with electricity. The only problem is Merlin can’t use his magic at this stage and it’s hugely frustrating. But we see him pushed to the brink and we see him in situations when he overcomes that fact – to be the powerful wizard that he’s going to become.
Does Merlin continue to resent the fact that he must keep his magical abilities secret or is he comfortable hiding in the shadows and being the man behind the great man?
COLIN: I think it’s very frustrating for Merlin. He really wants to — his great objective, his great dream is to live in a land where magic is free under the rule of the greatest king ever known. And he wants to be right in the open that people can live and gather — that there isn’t the segregation, that there is no hiding anymore. And yet for him, it’s unusually frustrating because it’s a lonely existence for him to live with day and night. So whenever the time comes that will be his greatest wish . .  . when it does, I think Merlin will grasp it with both hands and ensure the future of magic.
Season four is going to be a bit of a game changer in regards to the whole Arthurian legend, will that bring the series a little closer to the mainstream?
COLIN: Yes, it’s definitely moved in that direction I feel because the characters are maturing. It’s moving more towards the legends that we know. And as our characters grow up we’re become more synchronized with the legends that we know because of characters grow older that’s when some juicy stuff could start coming along. And we certainly start fading into that stuff in this season. And there are some huge iconic moments that any fan of the legends will recognize and anybody who doesn’t will probably be intrigued to find out a bit more. But it’s definitely driven more towards the legends. But that was never the main theme of the producers and the writers anyway. It was always to have legend be sort of a layer to work off and tell stories — and that’s certainly the theme that’s carried throughout this season as well.
In season four and five will Merlin be taking more of a puppet-master role that we are used to seeing in a lot of the previous tellings of the legend?
COLIN: Yes, that’s a big thing actually coming up in this season because that’s absolutely what Merlin’s striving towards. He’s gaining wisdom and a certain kind of power in that wisdom and certainly imparts a lot of it to Arthur. And you’ve seen Arthur listen to him a lot more. You’re seeing Arthur, in fact, change the way he’s thinking sometimes because of what Merlin says. And you see that it’s pretty exciting. But they’re also growing a little bit further apart. So Merlin has to work awful hard to try and be heard. And hopefully, by the end of the season, you’ll see that the relationship has come to the point where maybe they’re ready to set rules and set grounds and perhaps become a good team to rule the kingdom.
In what ways have you seen Merlin grow and develop as a character in season four? And have you discovered any new acting challenges associated with that growth?
COLIN: A big thing is the maturity of the character this year. He’s really, really studying what Arthur is going through. He’s actually, in a way, experiencing what Arthur is experiencing. Arthur has got so much on his plate. And the kingdom is in its most dire need of strength at this stage. And it’s very much about Merlin – to engage in exactly where he is and what he should be doing. He gets at one point the biggest opportunity he’s ever going to get to change Arthur’s opinion about magic. And he takes it and it’s a big risk and he does and it’s one of the boldest decisions he’s made. And as an actor it’s interesting to really study the emotion he’s going through. And in terms of friendship: what do you do for good friend when they’re going through hell, and yet you’ve got such a motive to make sure he gets through the other side to the future? And, again, a little bit of selfish reasons because Merlin wants to live in a land where he can be free. So he’s got to keep everything as a balance and he’s got a lot on his plate. He’s literally juggling plates at one point. But there are bigger stakes and bigger objectives. And I don’t think Arthur’s never been in as much need of Merlin as he is now. The only problem is he doesn’t realize it.
What can you share about Merlin’s relationship with Gaius in season four? And what has it been like working with Richard Wilson in the series?
COLIN: Richard Wilson is an absolute gentleman. You speak to anybody on set or any of the cast members and they will have nothing but praise for him. He is a pleasure to work with and an honor. And the relationship between Merlin and Gaius is one that I love hugely. I think it’s fantastic. And what’s great, there’s an episode this season which takes the two of them away from each other for a while. And it’s really interesting to see how Merlin reacts when Gaius isn’t around because maybe he doesn’t realize how much he needed him until he’s gone. And it’s a really interesting episode about their relationship and the love that they have for each other.  My guess is at some point Merlin is going to see that Gaius is not going to be around forever. And it’s just a taste of what that will look like and how it will be like. Really, at the moment, Gaius is the only one that really Merlin can confide in. So if Gaius wasn’t around, life becomes even more lonely. So it’s a really good relationship. It’s a father-son relationship. Merlin was always sort of a father relationship and it’s always been missing in his life. And Gaius and he are very much a sort of surrogate-father and son.
Will we see Merlin’s powers evolve a little more this season?
COLIN: We do quite a bit. I think one of the big things is the power of his words and in this season, understanding that magic is good for a lot of things but sometimes you’ve got to talk to your friends and you got to understand what they’re going through and think more and use things more wisely. I think from previous seasons we’ve seen him use magic very sporadically and very instinctually. And although it is his instinct sometimes he needs to put the brakes on and say, “Hold on, what’s best for me? What’s best for Arthur? What’s best for the kingdom?” And those are the questions. He’s becoming up a lot wiser now. He’s becoming a lot more clued in to when he should use his logic and how he should so that’s something that’s really, really interesting.
Do you foresee the series exploring any of the backstory of Gaius or Uther?
COLIN: Yes, I think that’s a really, really interesting thing — what has happened in the past. We’ve heard hints of what went on. Certainly I think a flashback episode would be fantastic just to get a glimpse of what it was like back then — what exactly were the details or circumstances under which Camelot became that really paranoid state — paranoid of magic. I think it’ll also be very interesting to even get a glimpse of Merlin’s prior circumstances because when he first came to Camelot his past was a little bit shrouded in mystery and we didn’t quite know what that is. So I think it’d be interesting to again explore those aspects a little bit more and certainly get a good sense of exactly where these animosities sort of built up and their frustration. So I think that’d be good.
When you look at the relationship with Merlin and Arthur — there’s always some danger in storytelling when you take a heroic iconic figure like Arthur and kind of make him a bumbling fool in the sense that he doesn’t recognize Merlin’s power. Is there any conscious effort to kind of balance that a little bit — to keep Arthur heroic despite the fact that you’re trying to build Merlin up as a hero?
COLIN: Well, I think obviously with the big changes this season certainly.  Because I think, as an audience, we’re in the know. We know that Merlin has magic. We know that he’s the one who is doing all the behind the scenes stuff. But to everyone else, there’s absolutely no way they wouldn’t suspect Merlin. So I don’t think there’s any sort of dumbing-down of the character as such and because I think certainly since Series One Arthur has grown significantly and he’s a lot more mature and he’s certainly dealing with and working towards all that he can become. So you’re certainly seeing the transition period, and I think this seasons there’s a lot of transitions the characters make.
Since the 4th season has already aired over in England and it’s just airing over here in the U.S., does it feel like it’s a year round thing for you because you’re not really getting too much of a break in between the different airings?
COLIN: Yes, I mean we film for 8 months of the year so it’s quite a long filming period, and then there’s quite a lot of publicity and promotion to do around that as well. We get a chance to chill out and have a break, and I’ve run some projects in previous years in between so you get a chance to have a bit of variety as well. But it’s definitely a massive commitment and one that’s hugely rewarding by the end of it. It’s a lot of hard work, but it’s really worth it.
In the 3rd season you actually got to wear the old man makeup. Did that freak you out a little bit?
COLIN: I think it freaked a lot of other people out more than me — people on the corridors and people sort of catching glimpse of me because I got a couple of breaks in-between there where they’re putting it on. It takes me 4-1/2 hours to put it on, and it’s at one stage where before they put the wig and the hair on – so I’m walking about bald and that kind of freaks a lot of people out. But I had a lot of fun doing that.
Katie mentioned that you and Bradley are quite big jokesters and pranksters. Do you think that really helps your guy’s relationship on screen?
COLIN: Yes. I mean, I think it helps that we like to have a bit of fun and have a bit of a laugh whenever it’s needed for scenes. But also, it is equally important to focus and concentrate on scenes that are a bit more emotional or require a bit more focus. So it’s about making the calls in the day.  It’s not all fun and games, but it’s not all serious either.
Since the dragon basically escaped in Season 3 we haven’t really seen much of it. Will it be shown this next season and are we going to see more of Merlin’s Dragonlord side?
COLIN: Yes, for sure. That’s something that’s really explored in season four, Merlin being a Dragonlord and it also shows his separation, his independence from the dragon in a way as well. Because at the beginning, in season one, the dragon was a confidante, someone that Merlin needed help from, and slowly and slowly they grew apart and the dragon’s motives became slightly jarred and slightly unclear. So there’s been all these questions of trust between them. But the dragon is a creature of magic as much as Merlin is and there’s that connection between them. Merlin having very few people to confide in, the dragon is one that he can also confide in. So that relationship is always going to be strong between them. But, as a Dragonlord, he can always command the dragon, which is a great quality. Certainly Merlin and everyone think that in situations, when the dragon’s help was needed. What’s going to be interesting to see is if Arthur ever meets the dragon and what his reaction to him will be.
As Merlin, you’ve done a bunch of different spells during the show. Is there any spell that you’d love Merlin to be able to do or a power that he doesn’t have that you’d love him to have?
COLIN: Possibly let me think. I always thought teleportation would be a great one — which he hasn’t figured out how to do yet. I think that would be a really good one. It might cut out on all the quests that we have to go on though. That might be a shame. [Laughter]  But, yes, I think teleportation would be a great one.
Merlin had this really sweet storyline with Freya last season.  Will he have another romantic encounter this season?
COLIN: Sorry to disappoint, but no.  There’s not going to be any love interest for Merlin this season unfortunately. It’s not something that the writers have explored.  But I think maybe in legends Merlin was notoriously fussed over by all the girls. So maybe they decided to keep him well away. But maybe I can have a few words and try to get someone going for the fifth season.  [Laughter]
What sort of creatures will Merlin and Arthur have to fight this season?
COLIN: In the opening two-parter of the season there’s one of the darkest things we’ve had come on called the Dorocha, which are these free roaming spirits from the underworld. At the beginning of the episode there’s a festival, which is celebrates the day of the dead. It’s at a time whenever the veil supposedly between the real world and the underworld is at its thinnest, and Morgana takes advantage of that and creates a tear, which releases all these demons out. But they only function at night. They are repelled by light, and they literally kill and freeze people in a second. The big thing that is one of the scariest things about these creatures is that Merlin’s completely powerless against them. They literally absorb his power. So they are one of the most formidable creatures I think they’ve come across and that’s right in the opening episode!
How does Merlin react when he discovers that he has to make a huge sacrifice to save Camelot from Morgana?
COLIN: Merlin is completely focused on his destiny. He will do whatever it takes. He has to put a lot of his emotions aside. He has to not think about himself, not think in a way about his personal consequences and think about the consequences of what it will do for Arthur and for the kingdom and for the future of magic. And he sort of has to cast aside a lot of the personal feelings in a way, and Morgana has had her chances in a way. She’s been given more than enough chances to prove that she could be good and that she could turn things around. So Merlin will do whatever it takes.
If Merlin obviously believes in his destiny and Arthur’s destiny and he’s willing to do anything to make those happen, but at this point does Arthur believe in his own destiny as well?
COLIN: It’s a good point actually. That’s one of the huge things of this season — that Arthur’s raising a lot of belief in himself, and he’s listening a lot and gaining a lot of advice from his uncle. And Uther, at the beginning of the season, is really a shadow of himself. He’s really gone a little bit mad. He’s not in his right mind at all. So the responsibilities fall to Arthur to really make big decisions.  But he’s not confident in himself at all. I don’t think he feels ready. He doesn’t feel that he can make these decisions alone. He wants to make his father proud and Merlin’s trying to be there for him. Merlin’s trying to make him see that things are right. But Arthur has a stronger bond with his family, his uncle over his friend. And that’s a difficult thing for Merlin to try and overcome because he knows that regardless of circumstances or situation Merlin needs – regardless of Arthur’s uncle – to be by Arthur’s side and being his most trusted advisor. So that’s a big, big challenge for Merlin this season is to try and get Arthur to accept him as well.
Throughout the series, other knights like Lancelot and so forth who eventually became the Knights of the Roundtable, kind of drift through the series. Is there going to be a point where Merlin maybe realizes that he needs to start kind of positioning or gathering these other knights around Arthur?
COLIN: Yes, that’s a big thing. I guess it is coming to a point when Arthur has his strong bond with the knights. What’s good about this season, as well, is we’re really seeing that how strongly things have changed with the knight quests that Arthur and Merlin used go on together — when they were not accompanied by a whole gang of knights. So with Lancelot, Percival, Leon, Elyan, Gwen, they now all come along. So there’s actually a real camaraderie and band of brothers feel to a lot of the episodes this year. So you’re definitely seeing the Knights of the Roundtable take formation already and without Merlin’s influence — so that’s pretty exciting to see that happening.
When do you think it will become imperative that Merlin reveal his magic to Arthur? Like at what point does it become that their relationship doesn’t survive because he’s been lying for so long?
COLIN: I think it needs to come to the point — Merlin needs to be absolutely 100% sure that at this stage — if Merlin was to say that he had magic he would no doubt be either educated or exiled for his betrayal, for his abuse and for his ability not to be trusted. And that would be a big problem. For Merlin, the one thing that’s keeping him focused on his path for the destiny is the fact that he’s just regarded as a servant. So he can act secretly and he can do that. The minute that it comes out that he has magic is a huge risk.  So he would be stupid to do it at this stage. Arthur needs to not be so [prejudiced]. Once it looks like Arthur won’t be a reincarnation of Uther as a king, that’s the time.  That’s when Merlin can then do it. Until then you’re definitely seeing a progression of that and more of the grounding of Arthur in season four.
Merlin has put so much into his hopes of the future being on Arthur, yet now we are seeing his father Uther go mad.  Is Merlin worried that like father, like son?  That Arthur could also one day go mad after being crowned king?  Does such a thought compel Merlin to find a cure for Uther?
COLIN: Yes, that’s a big thing. I think Merlin’s got a lot of fears. Of course he wants Arthur to be the best king that he can be. But so many factors are taken into consideration: the fact that Arthur’s got so little confidence in himself, the fact that he wants to do his father proud, that his father is just losing his touch on reality, and the effect that that has on a son and that it’s a hard thing to watch. It’s a hard thing to go through. And no doubt Arthur probably has those fears for himself as well. I think Merlin’s pretty steadfast and pretty confident in his belief in Arthur that he’s always believed Arthur will be the greatest king. He’s always believed Arthur’s got the qualities. His qualities just need to be encouraged and they need to be pushed to the foreground, not buried underneath — and bad decisions and bad advice which is exactly what Agravaine is doing. So it’s really imperative that Merlin fights through and battles through and stays strong for Arthur, even if Arthur’s feeling at his most weakest. And certainly, Uther going down the path he’s going down, it’s not encouraging and it’s not good. So, Merlin does get a chance to redeem things there. And he does take his chance and for Uther which is a really interesting decision I think to make that if Uther can some way be healed or cured by magic then Arthur will believe in magic and trust in it and see it as a force for good.  That’s something that’s brought very early on in the series. And it’s a really it’s a great opportunity and Merlin takes advantage of it.
When Merlin wielded Excalibur for first time, did he have fun with it? Did he think, “Wow, this is something I’d love to be able to do more of”?
COLIN: Yes, I mean I think he was very lucky not to have the sword Excalibur because I think with a normal sword he doesn’t handle it so well.  But, yes, certainly.  Though I think possibly me, as Colin, enjoyed it a lot more than me as Merlin — because I think it, is something that was great! But I have to make it look a little bit clumsy and a little bit, alien to me.  But realistically, magic is Merlin’s talent and he should probably stick to that.
Is Merlin is smarter than Arthur or is it just that he has more information and he has magic?
COLIN: Maybe a little bit a combination of all. I think Merlin’s in the know in terms of where Arthur’s going and what is going to take to put Arthur in the position of that perfect king. But also Merlin has magic.  With Arthur never fully realizing that he’s been gotten out of a situation because of Merlin — because Merlin’s been there — and because Arthur regards Merlin as a servant, who’s just kind of there just to carry the luggage, despite the fact that Merlin actually carries the weight of the situation – that is where the humor comes in.  The fact that Merlin’s the one who probably has the biggest problem of them all, and as an audience member we’re clued into that. But those in the world of Camelot don’t know that Merlin is not just Merlin.  That’s an interesting thing I think for an audience to watch, and it hopefully doesn’t make the other characters look too dumbed down or anything.
Have you heard anything about season five? You’re going to start shooting in a little while.
COLIN: In fact, we know nothing about it. They keep things so secret from us for quite a while. We only find out really like three episodes at a time. So when we started season four, I only knew episodes one, two and three. And then once we finish shooting those we get four, five and six. So I know nothing about season five. I only know that season four ends on such an intriguing note that if they could not do a fifth season, you’d have a lot of very upset people if we ended on that I note.

The season finale is shaping up to be pretty epic and pretty heart-wrenching. What should we be prepared for by the end of the season?
COLIN: I think there might be some tears of joy to be honest. There’s some pretty iconic moments happening in the season finale for season four. It has huge epic moments, in terms of visually of what you’re going to see.  It is as iconic as you can imagine. The finale’s called the “Sword in the Stone” so you can guess. But also, in a way, that I think’s very surprising. There’s a bit of a cliffhanger which people will be very intrigued by. I was certainly intrigued by it. I think it’s the most intriguing ending we’ve probably ever had for a season, and that leaves sort of a lot of questions for where we’re going to go in season five. So we’ve come to a really nice conclusion but at the end.  It’s kind of thrown up in the air a bit as well. So I think that will probably just tease you just enough, without saying too much.

Why do you think the Camelot legend has such staying power in pop culture?
COLIN: I think because it’s stayed right through the centuries because it’s been retold and in different ways so you’re never saying just the same legend all the time. It started out as a legend then Tennyson did them, “The Once and Future King.” We’ve even got the Disney version of it. We’ve got everything. It’s just been retold and retold and added to and added to. And that’s something that we’re doing as well in a fantasy setting. And that’s something it seems to be a timeless topic that people constantly seem to be inspired by and moved by. It’s just a platform for a lot of different things: magic, loyalty, friendship.  It covers all the grounds, and that’s something that I think works in any time in any age.

To find out how the intertwined fates of Merlin, Arthur, Gwen and Morgana continue to collide and the rise of the battle between the sorceress Morgana and the wizard Merlin, be sure to tune in for the 4th season premiere of MERLIN on Friday, January 6th at 10PM on Syfy.

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