THE FIRM Review: We Throw the Book at NBC!

In the opening scene of THE FIRM, NBC’s latest legal thriller premiering Sunday January 8th, Mitch McDeere breathlessly calls wife Abby and alerts her to the fact that, “It’s happening again.”

Suffice it to say, truer words have never been spoken. And while we’re not about to spoil what exactly “it” is within the context of the show, what is happening again — at least in the greater scheme of things — is yet another disappointing attempt by a television network to capitalize on an already popular brand in an all too transparent effort to make a quick buck.

Which is why, rather than bother explaining the convoluted plot that picks up 10 years after the events of the popular Tom Cruise film that sees Mitch McDeere (Josh Lucas) once again inexplicably find himself caught up with yet another law firm that is.. brace yourself… up to no good (!), we thought we’d take this opportunity to throw the book at NBC by asking: Did the unmitigated disasters that were PRIME SUSPECT, BIONIC WOMAN and KNIGHT RIDER not teach you anything? Because contrary to what the ratings for the the likes of JERSEY SHORE and any show involving a Kardashian might have you believe, audiences are not stupid. What’s more, they deserve better.

In short, THE FIRM is guilty of the single biggest crime a reboot or re-imagination can commit. That being, bringing absolutely nothing new to the table. Take away the selling point that is the connection to John Grisham’s beloved novel and what you’re left with is an immensely likeable group of actors — joining Lucas is Molly Parker as wife Abby, Callum Keith Rennie as Brother Ray, and Juliette Lewis as the firm’s nutty secretary Tammy — trapped in what amounts to little more than your average run-of-the-mill legal procedural.

But hey, if watching a surprisingly bland, albeit easy-on-the-eyes Josh Lucas defend the poor and downtrodden 99% when he isn’t busy running through the streets of Washington D.C. tie flailing in the wind, by all means enjoy. We for one will be watching THE GOOD WIFE.

THE FIRM premieres Sunday January 8th at 9PM on NBC (Global TV in Canada) before moving to its regular Thursday at 10PM timeslot.

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  • Chloe

    When I first saw the commercial for this, I thought it was for the movie because I heard “Mitch McDeere”, I realized it was for a TV SHOW!!!    Couldn’t believe it!!

    The ONLY legal drama worth watching on a Sunday night is The Good Wife – which I HOPE that the football playoff game does NOT mess with the time!  My DVR can’t tell the difference between Julianna Margulies and quarterbacks so it records whatever even though it is programmed for “The Good Wife”