GLEE Stars Cory Monteith and Lea Michele React to the Graduation News and Dish on the Future of ‘Finchel’

Good News: On hand at last night’s Fox Winter TCA All-Star Party to offer their reaction to Kevin Reilly’s announcement over the weekend officially confirming that McKinley High’s most popular seniors will in fact be graduating at the end of this season were GLEE stars Cory Monteith and Lea Michele. Bad News: They weren’t so forthcoming when it came to their recent ‘hush-hush’ conversations with creator Ryan Murphy as per the exciting and unexpected new direction the show will be taking in its fourth season.

“I’m so excited, I spoke with Ryan today and he told me that I can definitely let people know that Rachel will be back next year,” revealed a visibly excited Lea Michele during Sunday’s All-Star Party in beautiful Pasadena California. “He told me his plan and it’s incredibly groundbreaking and revolutionary for television. The way he’s figured out to include these graduated high school students on this show, it’s very exciting.”

Equally enthusiastic was co-star Cory Monteith, who was not just quick to echo Michele’s sentiments in terms of Murphy’s idea (“I’m thrilled that they’ve found a really cool idea to bring characters who are graduating at the end of season 3, like myself, back into the fold. The concept of how the GLEE world is going to work is a lot different than what people are used to but at the same time incorporates McKinley High with where these other characters are heading after graduation.”) but Finn’s trajectory as the show kicks off the second half of the season. “I think his emotional arc is greater in stuff coming up than anything we’ve ever seen before.”

Unfortunately, while Monteith was quick to alleviate the fears of many ‘Finchel’ fans (Editor’s Note: ‘Finchel’ refers to the very vocal segment of the GLEE fandom emotionally invested in Rachel and Finn’s relationship) with regards to what challenges lie ahead for GLEE’s favourite couple by going on record that “there is a future for Rachel and Finn,” he wasn’t nearly as definitive on what said aforementioned emotional arc might entail. Except to say that it touches on all aspects of his character’s life, “independent and with his relationship” and that his character is “definitely pushed to his limits.”

Equally elusive was Michele, who while also assuring ‘Finchel’ fans that their favourite couple’s future was one of hope (“Cory [Monteith] and I like to say we’re like a two-for-one deal. She wouldn’t be there without him. I think ‘Finchel’ fans are going to be really happy about our upcoming storyline.”) did tease that “something big” was in store for the talented twosome.

But before that something ‘big’ can happen, GLEE fans should expect the show to hit a bit of a lighter note prior to what sounds like an emotionally charged closing arc to the season. “We’re working on Spanish music week with Ricky Martin who is guesting on the episode,” revealed Monteith. “And to be honest, he was so famous as a kid I was just starstruck when I met him.”

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  • Michele


  • Kelly

    They are just the best damn couple on TV. Love them so – glad they will be back! They are the only reason I watch the show!

  • Patty

    I couldn’t be happier.  Cory is SO unbelievable talented.  I am such a fan of him and of Lea. they are remarkable together. This is the best news ever

  • Nic

    Love Cory and Lea. Can’t wait to see where Finn and Rachel’s stories lead in the future!

  • Vanessa_salas21

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE FINN AND RACHEL #finchelforever

  • Petra van Ommen

    Finchel… Even their couplename is boring

  • Pam

    I just love Finn and Rachel. Lea and Cory are so wonderful that I can’t stop grinning!!

  • Silver

    Ugh. I hate Finchel and wish that Rachel Berry would just become a lonely, but successful spinster. That’s what she deserves.

  • Glamarella1984

    if they get rid of Chris Colfer it will be Glee’s biggest mistake. He won an emmy for his role of Kurt Hummel

  • IMeMine

    As long as they keep Kurt and Blaine (together of course) then I’m happy.

  • Batman

    Santana and Brittany are BY FAR the best couple on Glee. Finn and Rachel have never been the IT couple of the show and they never will be.

  • Mohawk_dude16

    It’s time for them to go…Rachel pisses me off because shes so self centered…although she has changed a bit through out the two seasons, they need to make other characters shine if Mercedes isnt graduating let them center the show around her and not another white person. I am pissed and i am white!!

  • Best couple Klaine
    not Finchel >.>

  • Awww

  • Khalil

    I heardd Blaine is a junior. I hope he comes back for one more season, he is my favorite character by far. Sue is a distant second.

  • J.J.

    This makes me happier then it should, really. I may be a tad to emotionally invested in these two characters… oh well! 

  • redfox

    He did not win an Emmy, although he was nominated.But he won a GOLDEN GLOBE. 

  • redseph

    Brittana? Are you kidding me??

    They don’t even have screentime.

  • Ghf

    Klaine is not boring, only is better than the other couples.