After reading your fantastic live blog from yesterday’s “Bad-Ass Boys of the CW” TCA panel I have to ask, how exactly does one get your job? — Rachel
The TV Addict: Simple. Step #1: Build a time machine. Step #2: Program said aforementioned time machine so that you may devote your formative years transfixed by the original BEVERLY HILLS 90210. Step #3: Spend what some might characterize as an “unhealthy” amount of time watching television. Got that? And since you brought up what was hands down the highlight of our week spent at the Television Critics Association Press Tour in Pasadena California, we thought we’d expand upon one of the most heartwarming moments from yesterday’s panel. Cue SUPERNATURAL star Jared Padalecki’s thoughts on impending fatherhood, “I’m very excited. I hope it doesn’t bleed over into my work because I have a boyish excitement about it. I’m almost worried about how excited I am. I feel like I should be nervous because I’m bringing a life that I’m going to be half responsible for sometime in March. But I’m just so kind of chomping at the bits to get my hands in there and raise a child that I ?? right now I’m just like an excited little boy.”

BONES scoop please. — Felicia
The TV Addict: Cutting to the chase (Trust me, that will be hilarious in a moment), the ninth episode of the season entitled “The Don’t in the Do” will revolve around a gruesome death in a hair salon.

This RAISING HOPE fan would like to know if you have any scoop on when Jimmy and Sabrina might… well, you know? — Brenda
The TV Addict: According to creator/executive producer Greg Garcia Jimmy and Sabrina shippers should stay tuned. “We’re going to go at that a little head on in the upcoming months and we’ll see what happens out of that,” teased Garcia. “There will be some movement I can promise you that.” Sticking with RAISING HOPE for a moment, Garcia also promised the season finale, while not exactly game-changing in nature, will send shockwaves throughout the Chance household. “There’s going to be some revelations about Hope’s serial killer mom that is going to have ramifications for everyone.”

The only downside to SHAMELESS’ fantastic second season premiere was the fact that Justin Chatwin’s Steve was completely missing in action. Any idea when he might be showing up? — Lisa
The TV Addict: Yes. And while we’re not about to spoil the circumstances surrounding Steve’s return, we will fill you in on a little something that will ensure the inevitable is worth the wait. Which is to say, the next time you Steve, you will see a whole lot of him! Same goes with upcoming guest star Taylor Kinney by the way. VAMPIRE DIARIES fans are most definitely not going to want to miss that!

As much as I loved — and I mean LOVED — last Wednesday’s episode of THE MIDDLE that saw Sue Heck finally score her first — with apologies to Brad — real boyfriend, I’m slightly concerned that coupledom will change her. Care to alleviate my fears? — Maddie
The TV Addict: Rest assured, Sue’s “like” of Wrestler Matt will not change the character we’ve come to know and love. Cast in point, THE MIDDLE’s sixteenth episode of the season that will see Sue successfully cajole mom Frankie into waiting in line with her for tickets to a Justin Bieber concert.

The only thing more unbelievable than the people who live in SUBURGATORY is the fact that the adorably awesome Tessa (Jane Levy) has yet to hook up with anyone! Any idea when she’s going to get a boyfriend? — Jessica
The TV Addict: With the first season of SUBURGATORY very much focused on establishing the community of crazies, Jane Levy — whom we recently had the pleasure of catching up with during a recent visit to the set of Chatswin High — told us that in terms of Tessa’s relationship prospects, “Nothing is going to stick. There’s going to be boys, but not a boyfriend, I’ll tell you that much.”

Is there any hope for some Raj romance during the upcoming second half of BIG BANG THEORY’s fifth season? — Bill
The TV Addict: Ask SIRI. Literally ask it! Because an upcoming episode of the smash CBS sitcom will have Raj taking his obsession with Apple products to what even this self-professed iPhone fanboy might call a wee bit too far!

Is DEXTER really coming to an end at the end of its eight season? — Michael
The TV Addict: Despite Showtime President David Nevins’ hesitancy to officially proclaim DEXTER dead at the end of its eight season during his recent Executive Session at the Television Critics Association Press Tour, he did address the future following last season’s shocking revelation. “I’ve been pushing to shake up the formula a bit and I think there’s going to be fundamentally different dynamic now that Deb has been given a huge reveal. It’s time to shake up what Dexter goes through, so he’s not such a lone wolf.” explained Nevins. “I think there’s a very clear trajectory now where they’re going over the course of the next two seasons that I think is going to help to write with that endgame in mind. This is the likely end point, but I’m allowing for the possibility that the plan could change.”

Please… please… puhlease tell me George and Lemon aren’t going to go ahead with their ill-fated nuptials on HART OF DIXIE. — Stacey
The TV Addict: While our source on the set has yet to spill as to whether or not George and Lemon will make it down the aisle by the end of the season, we can assure you that debauchery has a date. Specifically HART OF DIXIE’s 18th episode of the season appropriately titled “Bachelorettes…” that will revolve around George and Lemons’ respective bachelor and bachelorette parties. Parties that may-or-may-not involve some fairly awkward conversations between the likes of Lemon and Zoe and George and Lavon.

Any idea as to how Becki Newton’s upcoming guest spot on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER is working out? —Amy
The TV Addict: It’s not… but only because Newton has yet to show up to work yet! “We haven’t actually worked with her yet, but we loved her stuff on UGLY BETTY and we can’t wait to put her in scenes with Neil [Patrick Harris] and watch their energies bounce off each other,” teased co-creator/executive producer Carter Bays following the HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER TCA panel. “We have her for 5 or 6 episodes, it’s a big arc and a big story. She’s an important player in these character’s lives.”