THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Michael Trevino Dishes on Tyler’s Big Dilemma

In a world where vampires and werewolves are natural enemies, Michael Trevino’s character Tyler Lockwood is an anomaly.  Having been transformed from mere werewolf to hybrid werewolf/vampire after ingesting Klaus and Elena’s blood, Tyler was ecstatic to find himself living empowered with the senses, speed, superior abilities of both supernatural species.  But as he should have surely known, there was a downside to becoming a hybrid – it enslaved Tyler to Klaus through a sire-bond that cannot be broken.
This bond was tested in last week’s episode ‘Our Town,’ when Klaus ordered Tyler to bite Caroline – which would kill her as a werewolf bite kills vampires.  Believing he still had his free-will intact, Tyler refused.  But it was to his horror when he discovered that the sire-bond was strong enough to act without his conscious choice, and as Tyler kissed Caroline in celebration of her birthday, he unconsciously bite her as instructed.  The mutual horror written across Tyler and Caroline’s faces reflected their devastation.  Tyler had unknowingly become the perfect weapon, against his will.
While Klaus may have spared Caroline, but offering his blood to cure her, that too will not come without a price.  For whatever Klaus bestows always comes at a price.   Plus, if Klaus’ birthday gift to Caroline is any indication, he may be seeking more than just another grateful ally in his desire to conquer the world.  Diamonds may be a girl’s best friend, but never when they come from a suitor with such nefarious designs.  It is not enough that Klaus stole Tyler’s free-will, he now seeks to steal Tyler’s girlfriend too?
At a special Q&A with press, star Michael Trevino provided candid answers and special insight as to what is going on with Tyler Lockwood on THE VAMPIRE DIARIES.

While Michael was careful not to spoil the fun surprises that lie in store for Thursday night’s episode ‘The Ties That Bind,’ he certainly gave fans a lot to think about as Tyler wrestles with the demons inside him, including the unwanted sire-bond which has a strangle-hold on his mind.
Whatever you do, do not miss the upcoming episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on Thursday, January 19th at 8PM on The CW – for we are all dying to know what becomes of Tyler.  Will he be forced to leave Mystic Falls as per the agreement struck between Klaus and Stefan?  Here’s to hoping for a loop-hole that allows him to stay!

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