Thanks to your recent post pointing to a free download of the series premiere, I’m officially hooked on SMASH. Which begs the question as to whether or not you have any scoop as to which actress the producers are going to reward with the coveted title role in Marilyn the musical? — Amanda
The TV Addict: Despite the fact that this by no means indicates whose name — be it Megan Hilty’s Ivy or Katharine McPhee’s Karen — will actually appear on the marquee when the Broadway musical based on the life of Marilyn Monroe actually does premiere, we can assure you that the answer to your question will be known by SMASH’s second fantastic episode of the season.

Any scoop on the best show nobody’s watching, you know, PARENTHOOD? — Dave
The TV Addict: This just in, there is a downside to success. Especially when the much-deserved notoriety Adam and Crosby are earning for restoring the luncheonette into a state-of-the-art recording studio brings with it a life-changing offer that the twosome may-or-may-not be able to refuse.

As much as I’m enjoying Booth and Brennan’s storyline this season with regards to their about-to-be-born baby on BONES, I can’t help but feel that the producers have done a really poor job of dealing with Parker. Are there any plans to address how Booth’s oldest son is dealing with the new addition to the family?
The TV Addict: In short: Yes! Or to be more specific, when Booth and Brennan aren’t busy solving yet another gruesome murder in BONES upcoming tenth episode of the season, they will be busy debating how to deal with Parker, who begins to act out to the tune of lying and possibly stealing in response to their newest bundle of joy.

Huge HART OF DIXIE fan here, please tell me there is any hope for those of us rooting for George and Zoe? — Jennifer
The TV Addict: Wait a second, you mean to tell me that people are actually out there shipping for George and Zoe? Alrighty then, against this Wade fans better judgement (Wilson Bethel FTW!), we’re going to throw all, err… seven (?) of you George and Zoe fans a bone by filling you in on a little secret. Not only will circumstances allow for George and Zoe to spend an awful lot of one-on-one time together when the twosome find themselves alone at a bar in HART OF DIXIE’s 19th episode of the season appropriately titled “Destiny & Denial,” the episode will offer fans a glimpse of what could have been (and still might?) when the two pretend to be bright-eyed newlyweds with a couple they meet at a bar. Cooler still, the episode will not only also allow George’s portrayer Scott Porter to show off his real-life musical chops, sources close to production have let it slip that producers are hoping to snag AMERICAN IDOL winner Scotty McCreery for a musical performance.

Now that COUGAR TOWN finally has a premiere date I’d love to get some idea of what we can expect this season. — Mikey
The TV Addict: Lucky for you, we had the opportunity to ask co-creator and all around nice guy BIll Lawrence just that at a private shindig he held during the recent Television Critics Press Tour in Pasadena. “We decided to keep the title as a badge of honor but decided to eliminate any aspect of ‘Cougars’ from the show once in for all,” explained Lawrence. “In the series premiere we even made Barb marry Barry Bostwick’s character.”

SHAMELESS Scoop? Please! — Bill
The TV Addict: Off the charts humidity in the sweltering summer heat that is Chicago is not the only thing that’s in the air as SHAMELESS continues its hilarious second season. Love, as it would turn out, is also in the air. Which is why fans should brace themselves, for not just one, but two (!) very unexpected proposals during the first half of SHAMELESS’ second season.

Noticed you tweeting about SWITCHED AT BIRTH this week. Now that you’re on the bandwagon might I trouble you for some scoop? —Meredith
The TV Addict: Gladly. After-all, following a week spent catching up on the fantastic first 10 episodes of this ABC FAMILY gem, we’re as excited to find out about what happens next as you are. Or make that, was as excited, until we learned about the decidedly dark turn the Kennish’s lawsuit against the hospital is going to take when the medical institution accuses Daphne’s mom Regina of intentionally switching babies in an effort to ensure hers wouldn’t suffer from fetal alcohol syndrome as a result of her own struggle with alcohol.

Any idea when David will make a choice between Mary Margaret and Kathryn? — Rachel
The TV Addict: If by “word” you mean precise day, well, than yes! Saving their biggest episode for the end of sweeps, the February 19th episode of ONCE UPON A TIME will not only see David agree to tell Kathryn about his relationship with Mary Margaret in Storybrooke, but will feature this very charming scene in the fairytale world…

  • Anonymous

    Switched is great.  I firmly believe Daphne is going to lose it and take some people down with a chainsaw.  I hope she gets Bay first.

  • You don’t like Bay? The thing about the show that I love — aside from the storytelling, actors and window into a world I know so little about — is that there are no weak links. Every character has a point of view that I can understand and sympathize with. 

  • Jen

    Who wants George when you can have Wade? I just don’t get it? Zoe should finally see Wade!!

  • Anonymous

    Bring 10 girls into a room, and stand Wade and George side-by-side.  Guarantee, 10 out of 10 would choose Wade.  Surely the producers have realized what a “fan asset” they have on their hands?

  • Amschafe

    Yeah, George is just the type Zoe would typically like…dull and straightlaced. Seriously, so wrong for her. Wade is such a nice, funny, and hot guy and Zoe needs to stop underestimating him.