Good News, Bad News: NBC, ARROW & THE FINDER

Good News: NBC has ordered a Dick Wolf-produced action-driven drama exploring the Chicago Fire Department and a Jason Katims hour-long set in an underfunded LA County Hospital. Bad News: Picking up shows that smell an awful lot like reboots of the Network’s greatest hits (See: THIRD WATCH and ER) doesn’t exactly exude confidence in the perennial fourth place network’s rebuilding process. We’re just sayin’ [Source]

Good News: Casting has begun for The CW’s much-anticipated Green Arrow reboot appropriately titled ARROW. Bad News: For former SMALLVILLE star Justin Hartley. [Source]

Good News: THE FINDER is staging a 7th HEAVEN reunion. Bad News: Joining star Geoff Stults in an upcoming episode will be he real-life brother George. Not, as we had hoped “Happy the Dog,” who according to Twitter follower @loveautopsy12 “decided to join the cast of ‘All Dogs Go to Heaven’ if u catch my drift…” Sniff. [Source]

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