Good News: NBC is said to be in serious discussions with regards to developing a spin-off of THE OFFICE. Bad News: No, Mindy Kaling’s Kelly Kapoor is not getting her own show (Hat Tip: @jfuentes), but rather Rainn Wilson’s Dwight “Only enjoyable in small doses” Schrute. [Source]

Good News: Actor Jason O’Mara has some pretty concrete ideas when it comes to improving TERRA NOVA should the show be fortunate enough to see a second season. Bad News: None of which involve hiring a more competent writing staff. [Source]

Good News: On January 12th, COMMUNITY star Danny Pudi and wife Bridget welcomed happy and healthy twins into the world. Bad News: Based on NBC’s ever-expanding development slate, we suspect Pudi will have an awful lot of time to play “Daddy” come fall. [Source]

Good News: According to The Internet Move Database LOST, HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER and DEXTER were among the top 10 most viewed television series of the past decade. Bad News: Joining them on the list were HEROES, GLEE and GOSSIP GIRL. [Source]

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    NBC better think long and hard about this proposed misfire centered around Dwight.  Yes, he’s okay in small doses, but, as you point out, there are MUCH funnier members of The Office who I’d rather see a show built around:  Kelly, Creed, Kevin, Erin…