Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Highly Improbable Things We’d Like to See Happen on Some of our Favorite Television Shows…. and Soon!

Seeing as though Isis, the Earl of Grantham’s four-legged friend holds the dubious distinction of being perhaps the most prominently featured derrière in the history of opening credits, we firmly believe that it’s high time the writers of the hit UK export pen an upcoming third season episode from the perspective of the eyes, ears, and tail of DOWNTON ABBEY’s most adorable resident.

If Tim Allen and Co. are really serious about improving ratings for his fledgling freshman sitcom, we’ve got two words for him: Sweeps Stunt! Translation, it’s time for LAST MAN STANDING to take the most obvious tool out of it belt. That being: A bizarro episode in which Allen’s character Mike Baxter awakens in a universe in which his lovely daughters are replaced by three familiar sons played by none other than… you guessed it… Zachery Ty Bryan, Jonathan Taylor Thomas and Taran Noah Smith. Home Improvement, indeed.

Before HART OF DIXIE’s Bluebell Alabama cornered the market on unexplainable celebrations that may-or-may-not have involved something called “Planksgiving,” there was another small town known for its frivolous festivities. Which is precisely why we’d like to see a future episode of the hit CW series recognize its much-beloved WB roots by giving a shout-out to its sister city of Stars Hollow. After-all, if there’s one man to rival Lemon Breeland when it comes to town tradition, it’s GILMORE GIRLS’ Taylor Doce. We’re just sayin’

Since NEW GIRL Zooey Deschanel was kind enough to drop by sister Emily’s Fox series BONES for an episode a few seasons back, we feel that it’s only fair for slightly older sister Emily return the favor. Of course, should Emily be too busy between juggling the responsibilities of top-lining a hit show with that whole new mothering thing, we’ll settle for an appearance by Deschanel’s former (500) Days of Summer flame Joseph Gordon-Levitt (Circa “adorkable” 3rd ROCK FROM THE SUN haircut!)

Call us a sucker for NBC’s SMASH, but can somebody please explain to us why exactly SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE has yet to confirm Katharine McPhee as an upcoming musical guest? Also konwn as the kind of six sigma thinking and corporate synergy that would make Jack Donaghy proud.

Photo Credit: Matthew Lloyd

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  • Phillybostonian

    Hart of Dixie should also thank Gilmore Girls for their gazebo and their entire town square!

  • Anonymous

    Howzabout Kelly Bishop (aka Emily Gilmore) as a new love interest, even temporarily, for Dr. Brick Breeland? 

    They’re only 3 years apart in age.

  • IrishGirl1281

    can we please stop trying to make ‘adorkable’ a word? kaythanksbye