Your recent interview with HART OF DIXIE creator Leila Gerstein zapped this Zoe/Wade shipper of pretty much all hope for a season ending hook-up. Is there anything at all you can tell me to make me feel better? — Lisa
The TV Addict: Not really! What’s more, if you didn’t enjoy our recent one-on-one with Leila Gerstein, you’re really not going to like the one teensy little tidbit of information that we left out of the piece that alludes to the fact that mathematically speaking, one of your favorite DIXIE denizens is all but guaranteed to end the season with a broken heart. Revealed Gerstein, “Between Zoe, Lemon, Wade, George and Lavon there are an uneven number of boys and girls and someone is going to be left out in the cold. I know that.”

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner I’m hoping you can give me some heartwarming news for those of us still rooting for Mark and Lexie on GREY’S ANATOMY. — Brenda
The TV Addict: Mark and Lexie fans will be happy to know that the two genetically-blessed doctors will be spending the most romantic day of the year together. Slightly less exciting is what they’ll be doing on Valentine’s day, which is babysitting for Meredith/Derek and Arizonz/Callie’s respective babies!

Any scoop on my favorite new series ONCE UPON A TIME? — Rich
The TV Addict: Do you happen to know an 11 to 14 year old girl who looks eerily like a young Ginnifer Goodwin? If so, get them to a talent agent STAT (!) because producers are currently on the look out for a young Snow White. (Legal Mumbo Jumbo: By accepting this bit of casting scoop you may-or-may-not have inadvertently promised 10% of any and all earnings should said aforementioned 11 to 14 year old girl turn into the next Dakota/Elle Fanning!)

Is Kristen Bell really going to reunite with her VERONICA MARS co-star Max Greenfield on NEW GIRL? — Mikey
The TV Addict: If the artist formerly known as Deputy Leo has anything to say about, damn straight! “I just think ultimately that would be really awesome,” said Greenfield during a recent one on one with the TV Addict. “I have so many people who know me from VERONICA MARS — which is unbelievable all these years later — I think it would be fun for the fans to have that little moment and it would be great for our show to have Kristen on it. She was really great to me on VERONICA MARS and it would be so awesome to have have her.” (Click here for more with Max Greenfield)

As someone who has watched far too much television over the course of my thirty-something years, I’m starting to get a really bad feeling about Julia and Joel’s impending adoption on PARENTHOOD. Care to alleviate my fears? — Michelle
The TV Addict: As much as we would love to alleviate your fears, all we can really say on the subject is that Julia and Joel will be welcoming a new face into their home prior to the end of PARENTHOOD’s fantastic third season. Emphasis on the ambiguity of said aforementioned “new face” that — much to our chagrin — in no way guarantees that we’re talking about Zoe’s baby.

Any teasers about what to expect from the next week or two of my favorite new show, DOWNTON ABBEY? — Jack
The TV Addict: Oh, Jack, trust us when we say the next few episodes are game changers in every sense of the word. Get ready to put a face to a name from the past who will shake up everyone upstairs while the downstairs crew will be rocked when a twist of fate brings good news and bad for everyone’s favorite maid and her lame-legged beau. In other news, the war ends (no spoilers as to who wins!), Thomas’ shady behavior bites him in the butt and death pays a visit to the Abbey. As for Matthew and Mary? In true soap opera style, one moment will change their destinies… possibly forever!

Having endured every single episode of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES I simply must know which Fairview resident is going to kick it prior to this May’s series finale. — Orly
The TV Addict: Since we’re by no means sure as to which of Wisteria Lane’ long suffering residents is going to end the show’s run six feet under, we’ll simply say this: Sources close to production have let it slip that one unlucky wife will very soon be in the market for a pine box of a more manly variety.

Any intel on when ALCATRAZ fans can expect to learn more about Madsen’s grandfather? — Dylan
The TV Addict: Yes! When Madsen isn’t busy hunting down Johnny McKee — a former Rock inmate notorious for chemically induced killings — more details surrounding her mysterious grandfather are expected to emerge on the February 20th episode of ALCATRAZ. Update: We stand corrected! In response to this just posted edition of “Ask the Addict,” ALCATRAZ creator Bryan Wynbrandt has kindly informed us via Twitter that it’s actually this weeks episode that will delve deeply into Rebecca’s grandfather’s past. So set your DVR/PVR accordingly!

Is there any truth to the rumor that Damon is going to cheat on Elena in an upcoming episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES? — Jessica
The TV Addict: Suffice it to say, truth is in the eye of the beholder. Which is to say, what Damon might or might not have done really depends on your interpretation of the following sentence parsed from the February 15th episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES: “Elena learns about a startling indiscretion by Damon.”

Got anything for us GLEEks? — Maddie
The TV Addict: If by “anything,” you mean a first look at Rachel Berry’s adoptive parents Hiram (Jeff Goldblum) and Leroy (Brian Stokes Mitchell) who will play a pivotal role in GLEE’s February 14th Valentine’s Day themed episode appropriately titled “Heart,” well then yes.

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    Advice to Leila Gerstein:  Your show has one good thing going for it, Wade and Zoe.  Stringing fans out too long grows tiring, and there’s a competitive slate of CW pilots for this fall.  No guarantee that HOD gets renewed.  There at least needs to be more interaction between the two stars most everyone is tuning in to see.  Not that you have to pair them off and get married right away…but don’t isolate them, either.  Just sayin’.