Sex, Wives & Silverstone! Chatswin Chatter with SUBURGATORY Star Jeremy Sisto

In celebration of tonight’s much-anticipated return to SUBURGATORY — a neighbourhood so kooky it makes the denizens of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES look downright normal — recently had the pleasure of chatting with Chatswin’s newest resident George Altman. Also known as actor Jeremy Sisto, who was only too happy to talk about tonight’s episode that sees George find condoms in daughter Tessa’s room (again!), tease what it was like to reunite with Clueless co-star Alicia Silverstone and which lucky actress he’d like to see play his on-screen ex-wife. See for yourself after the jump.

As an actor who has been involved with a handful of television projects over the years — some of which turned out to be more successful than others — we’re wondering if there was a magic moment when you just knew that SUBURGATORY would work?
Jeremy Sisto: Well you know when we did the pilot we all kind of felt like this show knew what it was, which was a unique feeling and a direct result of creator Emily Kapnek’s ability and talent. I’ve been involved with shows that didn’t quite know what they were and was going to find it and sometimes it works but more often than not it doesn’t. With SUBURGATORY, there hasn’t been a feeling throughout that we were kind of adrift and I keep waiting to wake up from the dream because it is so very difficult to get a new show on the air, let alone people to tune in.

I’ve always thought that as an actor you know you’ve made it when fans start accosting you on the street. Have you had any interesting encounters thus far?
It’s funny because LAW & ORDER had a singular kind of reaction from the die hard fans who had a specific connection with the show, SIX FEET UNDER fans thought we were speaking to them directly, Clueless the same thing. But in terms of SUBURGATORY, and maybe it’s because I’m older, it feels like less of a big thing. It’s more of a casual… “Hey, I’m a big fan of the show kind of thing.” But I get it a lot, and from really random people too. People that you kind of wouldn’t expect, big masculine guys kind of under their breath a little bit! But overall, it has been very welcoming and I think people are happy when there is something on the air — especially comedies nowadays are even more appreciated — something you can look forward to, doesn’t involve a lot of energy but you tune in and are connected emotionally to these characters. It’s a light relationship with fans, but a really positive one.

Tonight’s episode once again has George accusing daughter Tessa of hoarding condoms. Has this show properly terrified you for when your kids grow up?
My kids are only two and a half so I don’t know if I’ll be more prepared but I really hope that when my kids get to be Tessa’s age I can really keep in mind my own mindset at 16 and take that into consideration. As I grow older and change from stage to stage in my life I see how difficult it is to remember, but that is such a key element of parenting and life. Hopefully I can use it and not be the mess that George is when he once again finds condoms on Tessa. Last time he freaked out and moved her to the suburbs! Rather than deal with the emotional affect of his daughter growing up, he just distracted the whole issue by doing a bunch of stuff and he kind of does the same stuff in this episode. Of course, then he tries to prove that he is not a prude and he ends up having sex that someone that is really surprising and really surprising. Ultimately he’s just unable to deal with it yet but he’s going to have to at some point.

What was it like to re-team with Clueless co-star Alicia Silverstone?
It’s so great you know. We were good friends when we were both teenagers and kind of at the beginning of our careers and I think that we’re both really excited that we’re still working. It has been nice to just kind of reconnect and share all the stories since we last spent time on set. She’s such a sweet sweet girl, smart and funny and I think the relationship that the writers are writing for my character with hers are going to be really quite satisfying for the Clueless fans.

Do you have a dream actress when SUBURGATORY inevitably brings back your ex-wife back into the fold?
You know I don’t even know exactly where they’re going to go with that storyline. A TV show as an actor you really have to give it up and be open and I’m not sure if the writers even know exactly what it’s going to be like either. In a way I hope they discovery someone new in the same way they d discovered Jane [Levy]. I think that’s always the most interesting thing to me, so I’m hoping for that because they cast very well on this show.

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