Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Things You Didn’t Know About HAPPY ENDINGS Guest Star James Wolk

Don’t cry for LONE STAR actor James Wolk. Oh sure, he does have the dubious distinction of having starred in one of the most spectacular television flops in recent memory. That said, he seems to have landed on his feet. Or at least that was just one of the takeaways fresh off a recent conference call with the affable actor that had him dishing on tonight’s episode of HAPPY ENDINGS that sees him kick off the first of a three episode guest starring arc playing Max’s ex and possibly future boyfriend Grant.

Was as surprised by LONE STAR’s implosions as we were.
So just what does one take away from an experience that saw actor James Wolk go from a starring role in one of last fall’s most buzzed about new series to unemployment within the span of two unbelievably low-rated episodes? “It’s a very humbling experience,” admitted Wolk to the TV Addict during a recent conference call with reporters. “And I think there’s a few ways to go when that happens. But for me personally I can just say that it was a huge learning lesson as a human being which is maybe the most important thing that we do as we go on this journey. And so I’m actually, you know, something like that you never want to see happen.But perhaps one day I’ll be thankful for having that experience early on.”

His time on LONE STAR wasn’t all for naught.
Despite the short-lived lifespan of LONE STAR, there’s no denying it did have one positive outcome. That outcome being, nothing open doors faster for a relative unknown actor than having his not too shabby mug plastered across billboards throughout North America. Said Wolk, “Though short lived certainly, LONE STAR was a great thing for me in that people were able to kind of see what work I could do. And like with any job once you expose yourself and once you work, good work at least gets can open doors for any actor.”

He has great taste in television.
Unlike many working actors who more often than not are quick to proclaim that they “don’t have time for television” when asked by your very own TV Addict as to what’s currently taking up space on their DVR/PVR, James Wolk didn’t need to be asked twice by his agent when it came to guesting on HAPPY ENDINGS. “I’m not just saying this because we’re doing press and I’m on it, but HAPPY ENDINGS is a great show,” said Wolk. “I watch it, people I know in my life love it and so I was just excited to be on it and thankfully they were excited about me as well.”

He wasn’t worried about fitting in.
So just what was it like to attempt to keep up with HAPPY ENDINGS immensely talented ensemble. An ensemble known for its impeccable comedic timing. Not nearly as hard as one might think thanks to the cast’s giving nature. “These guys have an amazing rhythm in that it’s like a dance that everyone does on that set. And you just have to jump in and they take you with them,” revealed Wolk. “I was coming off a play when I came onto the show and that really helped because live theater I think is probably more liken to a comedic setting, a sitcom setting more than dramatic television or a film. But they’re a truly amazing group of writers and actors, comedic talent through the roof. So it’s a real joy to go to work and kind of play with these guys on set and use a different skill set.”

He kicks off his guest starring arc on HAPPY ENDINGS tonight.
Playing Max’s former boyfriend Grant, Wolk absolutely relished the opportunity to press pause on his burgeoning dramatic career (see: LONE STAR, SHAMELESS) and get silly. “It’s totally opposites attract,” said Wolk. “Where as Max is a go with the flow laid back kind a guy, Grant is immaculately dressed, with some great vest/tie combos. And you know, ultimately I think what they see in each other is the complete opposite. I think Grant loves the fact that Max doesn’t care about what people think of him. So I think it’ll be an interesting character to watch. And I think it’ll be a fun relationship to watch.”

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