It’s been a while since you’ve answered any CASTLE related questions. Care to rectify this little oversight? — Alec
The TV Addict: Ask and ye shall receive. Specifically, scoop on an upcoming episode that has CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe cleverly jumping on the fairytale bandwagon. Hilariously titled, “Once Upon a Crime,” the February 27th episode will see Castle and Beckett on a “grimm” (See what we did there?) hunt to catch a fairytale killer when women dressed as Red Riding Hood and Snow White are discovered dead.

Your recent interview with star Jeremy Sisto got me wondering about the identity of George’s wife and Tessa’s mother. Do you think we’ll meet her by the end of SUBURGATORY’s first season? — Lisa
The TV Addict: No! That said, we do have it on very good authority that you will meet the next best thing to Tessa’s absentee mother during the SUBURGATORY season finale appropriately titled “The Motherload.” That being… her absentee Grandmother!

There have been some seriously spoilerrific HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER photos floating around the interwebs teasing an upcoming episode that hints at a reconciliation between Robin and Ted. Care to shed some light on the subject? — Steph
The TV Addict: While we don’t pretend to really know whether or not Robin and Ted are going to give “coupledom” another go, we promise you that fans are not going to want to miss the February 20th episode that will see Ted rock Robin with a personal declaration as to how he feels about her. Read into that what you will.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I’m hoping you can provide this HART OF DIXIE fan with a little good news on the Zoe/Wade front. — Rachel
The TV Addict: Okay here’s the thing. While we don’t pretend to have any specific shipper news on the Zoe/Wade front, we can report that fans will very soon get a glimpse of the “New Wade” that was alluded to in our recent one-on-one with his portrayer Wilson Bethel. Which is to say, the character’s “entrepreneurial spirit” will soon be put to the test when Wade decides to open… wait for it… a bar of his very own in Bluebell.

Now that you’ve completely got me hooked on SMASH, I’m gonna need some scoop and pronto! How long until we find out who gets cast as Marilyn. — Michael
The TV Addict: Not long at all. Which is our not-so-subtle way of letting it slip that by the time the credits role on SMASH’s stellar second episode this coming Monday, it will be abundantly clear as to which lucky lady slept sung her way to the top.

Please tell me RAISING HOPE creator Greg Garcia has something romantic up his sleeve for Jimmy and Sabrina this Valentine’s Day? — Brad
The TV Addict: Boy does he ever! Unfortunately we are not at liberty to reveal the outcome of Jimmy’s insanely over-the-top romantic gesture. Not so much because we aren’t dying to spill the hilariously heartfelt way in which Jimmy attempts to make Sabrina jealous with the help of special guest star Ashley Tisdale, but rather because we can’t. Literally. For just as [Spoiler Alert!] was about to [Spoiler Alert!] on our screener, Fox cruelly cut us off, forcing us to tune into the Tuesday February 14th episode to find out [Spoiler Alert!]. Suffice it to say, we have a sneaking suspicion [Spoiler Alert!] will be worth the wait.

Any clues as to who Julie’s mysterious babydaddy is on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES? — Jaime
The TV Addict: Since a clue might leave you with the incorrect impression that we’ve actually been tuning into this snooze-fest of a final season, we’ll simply leave it at this: Grandmother-to-be Susan will find out on February 19th.

Not happy with the serious lack of Steve and Fiona time on this otherwise fantastic second season of SHAMELESS. Any idea when the star-crossed-lovers will to say more than a few incredibly uncomfortable words to one another? — Brenda
The TV Addict: Steve and Fiona fans will be pleased to know that this Sunday’s episode features a very timely bathroom break while the two of them are on a double date. Less pleased will be special guest star and on-again-off-again-squeeze James Wolk.

Any NIKITA intel? — Lilly
The TV Addict: If by intel you mean a first look photo from Friday’s episode that introduces us to the mentor that saved Nikita from living the life of a junkie on the streets? Well then, enjoy.