Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Favorite Recurring Characters

Oh, sure, everybody loves Raymond. But for some of us, it’s all about his sister-in-law, Amy. Every show has them: The recurring characters who make you smile when they pop up. Who are our faves? Glad you asked!

Mankini, THE SOUP
He’s a man. In a bikini. He’s Mankini! Even on a show featuring clips of trampy toddlers in their tiaras, squirrel stuffing and nutty newscasters, this hot mess manages to make a splash.

Don’t even try to deny that when the trouble-causing creep walked into the party marking the grand opening of Lisa’s latest bar, things didn’t get 50 percent more interesting!

As the absentee husband of Cheryl Hines’ hoot-and-a-half, Dallas, Jay Mohr manages to be — in turn — threatening, funny, slightly off-beat, creepy and hot. We’re not proud to admit that last part.

The gruff, mustachioed bartender played by Blake Gibbons reeks of sex. You know, the kind you’ll love in the moment and regret the next morning.

Consuela, FAMILY GUY
She’s more likely to diss you than do the dishes, but we’d still hire this sassy maid. If she’s good enough for Darth Vader, James Woods and Superman, hey… she’s good enough for us.

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  • Sanen85

    It’s awesome that Coleman is listed here. I’m not sure about Mankini, it’s really hard to upstage Joel McHale.