Wedded Bliss Or Miss?

If you’re a Lane fan, you don’t need us to tell you that Valentine’s Day is going to be a very special occasion for one couple on THE YOUNG & THE RESTLESS. And if you have no clue what a Lane is… well, meet Cane Ashby and his true love, Lily Winters, who next week will be giving marriage another go.

“They’ve had their problems in the past,” says Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms of the pair. “Mainly because Cane has had what you might call Pinocchio syndrome in the past. He’s told a few whoppers.”

For example? “Well, there was the time he pretended to be dead,” says the editor. “Turned out, it was the twin brother viewers had never know about who literally bit the bullet.” The most unusual twist in that particular tale? “Cane began appearing to Lily, and she thought she was seeing a ghost. Viewers did too, because we didn’t know he had a twin. Oh, and then, Lily had sex with him.”

Hold up. Lily had sex with her dead hubby? “Well, remember, he wasn’t really dead.”

Now that the pair are getting married again, everything must be swell in their lives… right? “For the most part,” says Simms. “But it’s a soap. It wouldn’t be a soap wedding if there wasn’t someone making waves. And that’s what’ll happen next week. Lily and Cane head to Paris for their wedding… but someone who was not on the guest list is going to show up!”

Rather than spill any more details, Simms coyly changes the subject to discuss what else is in the current issue. “Peter Bergman, who plays Y&R’s Jack, has a feature in which he pretty candidly discusses the state of daytime. But probably my personal favorite thing in the issue is a really fun piece in which Ronn Moss of THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL answers questions about Hunter Tylo and Katherine Kelly Lang, the women who’ve been battling over his alter ego for two decades. You might be surprised by who he says is more likely to tell a dirty joke!” 

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