COUGAR TOWN Returns With More Romance, Comedy and Neighborly Shenanigans (feat. Video Interview with Courteney Cox and Josh Hopkins)

As a special treat for fans and new viewers, COUGAR TOWN returns on Valentine’s Day with an especially fun episode that will make romantics at-heart swoon.  The entire episode (aptly entitled “Ain’t Love Strange”) is a love letter.  It is a warm-hearted ode to the fans that have watched for the prior two seasons, and an enticing invitation to new viewers to check out a show that has been saddled with a misleading moniker.  
The running joke for the past two years has been to poke fun at the title of the show.  Contrary to its name, the show offers a lively look at a charming group of friends who have become a family over the course of their lifetime adventures and who have welcomed a few more lonely neighbors and co-workers into their lives.  While divorces tend to drive people away, the divorce of Jules and Bobby Cobb did the impossible and managed to draw people to them because of their love of live and joy in exuberantly celebrating each and every small moment of life.
During the past two seasons, Jules and Bobby (Brian Van Holt) have not only continued to raise their son Travis (Dan Byrd) together and successfully propelled him out into the world, they have maintained their friends Ellie (Christa Miller) and Andy (Ian Gomez), and somehow maintained an unconventional friendship between them as well.  As Jules caught the eye of a fellow lonely-heart neighbor, Grayson (Josh Hopkins), and with the delightful shenanigans of her co-worker Laurie (Busy Philipps) and best friend Ellie, the show has come together as being about friendship, family and celebrating life.
Continuing their journey to discover all the wonderful treasures of life, this next season starts with a Valentine’s special.  Challenged by Jules (Courtney Cox) to do something spontaneous and surprising, the game is on to deliver a Valentine’s surprise so fun and spectacular that Jules will never see it coming.  Suffice it to say that you will never look at toilet-papering the same again — and the term “sharked” will make you laugh every time you hear it afterwards.
You are invited to spend Valentine’s Day (and every Tuesday night thereafter) with Jules, Grayson, Bobby, Travis, Ellie, Andy and Laurie – and the newest addition to the cul-de-sac crew: Tom (Bob Clendenin).  These unlikely and unexpected friends are hilarious, outrageous and yet have a love and fondness for each other that will make you glad you decided to join their TV-family for a while.  It will make you feel the exuberance of staying young-at-heart and cherishing the friends you have in your life.
Taking a few minutes to chat about what the third season will offer, be sure to check out these video interviews with the cast. 

And if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, be sure to watch this extended video preview which will give you an idea of what to expect this next season:

With so many spoilers being revealed in advance, it is hard to escape from hearing about the possible pending nuptials of Jules and Grayson, which will conclude this fantastic season. But another fun event to look forward to is the SCRUBS mini-reunion episode, which involves a very funny look at Bobby’s attempt to woo a new ladylove in what they end up calling “Operation Kiss the Girl.”  Trust me when I say, for SCRUBS fans, this is an episode not to be missed!  Both Sarah Chalke and Sam Lloyd are featured, as well as other fun surprise appearances of former SCRUBS cast members.
COUGAR TOWN’s third season is guaranteed to make you chuckle, snicker, laugh out-loud and maybe even make you want to roll in the aisle.  It is comedy at its finest and you are going to love it!
COUGAR TOWN returns Tuesday at 8:30PM on February 14th on ABC (CityTV in Canada).  Mark your calendars, this is where you will want to be spending your Tuesday nights!

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