14 Episodes in the Making, We Preview Tonight’s Killer Episode of REVENGE


Revenge is always a dish served cold.  But defying that expectation, the television series REVENGE has invited viewers to a Fire & Ice Ball celebrating the engagement of Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson.  Upon receiving his invitation, Nolan Ross had taunted Emily, “Oh, was fire and brimstone not available?”  Emily may have ice in her veins, taking the time needed to plot out and destroy Victoria Grayson, but her fury rages like a burning fire in her heart.
Thus, the Fire & Ice Ball is to be a night of crowning achievement as Emily’s long-orchestrated plans come together.  She has secured a marriage proposal from the son of her arch-nemesis and she can finally implement the next phase of her dastardly plan to destroy Victoria Grayson – the woman who seduced and betrayed Emily’s father.  In Emily’s defense, Victoria’s crimes are heinous and she deserves every bit of retribution that Emily has in store for her.  It is just unfortunate that Daniel is caught in the cross-hairs.
However, as seen last week, someone may be onto Emily’s plan for revenge as she returned home to find her box of secrets had been stolen from its carefully concealed hiding place.  Just who knew that she had such a box and who would want it?  Better yet, for what nefarious purpose?  The search for the person responsible will be spine-tingling; for after years of carefully planning, it could all be exposed.
Also dropping like a ticking time-bomb last week, Jack interrupted the Grayson’s family reunion with Grandpa Grayson to accuse Victoria of having an affair with Amanda’s father, which led to Conrad revealing that Charlotte is David Clark’s daughter.  An affair with a known terrorist is bad enough, but to have a daughter from that liaison is worse.  Unable to process her birthright, Charlotte promptly took off with Declan rushing after her.  Emily could not have planned it more perfectly for maximum damage to Victoria. Interestingly, Emily had a change of heart when she saw how happy Charlotte was and had decided not to destroy that happiness for her sister.  Alas, fate had crueler plans.
Another person caught as collateral damage, Jack is spinning his wheels trying to figure out why Amanda has not been more forth-coming about her past and why she has run away from him.   While Emily is bound and determined to keep Jack out of the Grayson quick-sand and away from the curse that destroyed Emily’s family, Jack is already unknowingly caught up in the Grayson web.  So does Emily have a contingency plan to keep Jack out of harm’s way or must she resign herself to the fact that Jack will do whatever he pleases – even if it has put him on Victoria’s radar?
When REVENGE first debuted, we were thrown smack into the chaos of that fateful night of the Fire & Ice Ball. We saw Declan and Charlotte frolicking in the ocean. We watched Victoria’s wicked engagement speech congratulating Emily.  We saw Emily desperately trying to call Daniel; and we saw Jack hovering over the body on the beach. In one instant it was a collision of lives.   Emily’s “house of cards” was set to crumble around her as a shot rang out in the dark.
With just one bullet, will this be a victory for the calculating Victoria who was desperate to do anything to prevent a wedding between her son and Emily?  Or will Victoria and Emily be brought closer because of this tragedy?  Was Conrad so desperate to hold onto Grayson Industries that he killed his own son?  Or was Jack so full of anger that he lashed out at the one thing that could really hurt Victoria?  Just who would want to kill Daniel Grayson?  What purpose would that serve?
You are invited to the Fire & Ice Ball to see what led up to that fateful moment on the beach, where the mystery is only beginning.  It is not all about Emily’s plan for revenge anymore.  Murder has a way of changing the game and this game just got a whole lot more deadly. 
Be sure to tune in for the episode that changes everything on REVENGE as it airs Wednesday, February 15th at 10PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada).  Something wicked this way comes. . .

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