REVENGE Redux: Stars Josh Bowman and Nick Wechsler Discuss Their Pivotal Roles during Last Night’s Engagement Party and Tease What’s Ahead

[Spoiler Alert… Stop reading now if you have yet to last night’s episode] We knew that there was no way on Earth that “the powers that be” at REVENGE would dare to kill off Daniel Grayson, but until that last second when the body was turned over, we were all definitely biting our nails.  In a very cleverly filmed and orchestrated switch, it was impossible to know for certain.  For the past four months, fans have been wondering how the show could possibly think of killing Daniel Grayson. But we were hooked and dying to see the “how” and “why” explaining what we saw in the pilot episode. 
Fortunately, our fears were for naught as the writers opted to kill the diabolical Tyler instead.  But getting Tyler to the right-place at the right-time was a tricky feat.  So much so even the actors themselves were not certain until the last second either.  At a recent special press screening, stars Nick Wechsler and Josh Bowman shared their reactions to the big reveal and where they see Jack and Daniel headed now that there may be blood on their hands.

Revenge "Chaos"
So this was obviously a huge, huge episode and the fans are going to be going crazy, particularly since Daniel doesn’t die.  What was your reaction when you found out that it wasn’t going to be your body on the beach?
JOSH:  I had an inkling, but I didn’t know for sure until I read the script.  I was very happy — very, very happy that I would be able to continue working with the cast and crew on the show. 

Now that Emily has shot down Daniel’s plan to runaway with him, does he want to take a step back and re-evaluate their relationship?
JOSH:  I think he’s reevaluating big time.  You’ll see him asking a lot of questions now.

Are we going to see Daniel as a possible murder suspect?
JOSH:  He’s definitely one of them.

So Daniel and Jack are going head-to-head as possible murder suspects?
JOSH:  It’s possible.  You’ll have to wait and see about that.

Does Daniel remember what happened on the beach?
JOSH:  We won’t know that yet.  You’ll see what happened that night in the next episode, episode 16.  But I can tell you, “You have to expect the unexpected.”  Everything changes on a pin.  There’s so many twists and turns, it keeps you on your toes. Everyone has such an exciting time with it.  But he’s going to have questions.  He’s not an idiot.

Are you excited about seeing the fans’ reaction to the show?
JOSH: Oh yeah.  It’s lovely.  An absolute pleasure working on the show.  I had no idea that it would be received as it has.  I really appreciate that.  I do read fan reactions.  I hope that they don’t want me dead!

Did you expect Tyler to be the story-driver that he ended up being?
JOSH:  Tyler, everyone loves to hate that character! But I’m sure he’ll come back in the next episode.

What was it like watching everyone’s reactions during the screening?
JOSH:  I loved it.  I really, really loved it.  I loved seeing it on the big screen.  It was really well directed and the music score was fantastic, and you really feel for the characters.  All the twists and turns.  It was the first time I asked myself, “How do I feel about Jack?” as I was looking at from Daniel’s eyes and I kind of felt badly for him too because he hasn’t done anything to deserve all this. 

How will Daniel’s role change in light of recent events?
JOSH:  Well, he’s the connector between Emily and Victoria and each has this dark secret that they are protecting.  They are both so ferocious in what they want and Daniel is the point between them.  He loves his mother and has allegiance to her.  It’s a love-hate relationship.  Yet it’s Emily who he adores and who he wants to marry.  He has this image in his head that he wants to runaway with her, but she turns him down.  So he can’t have that.  And as the apple doesn’t fall far from the trees, Daniel is a Grayson, so expect him to act like one — at some point.

What is Daniel’s motivation going forward?  What does he really want?
JOSH:  I don’t know yet.  I’ll figure it out.  What does he want?  He wanted the best for Emily.  He’s very unselfish and has a loving and moral sense of view.  I guess now, it’s going to be challenged as he is sort of realizing “nice guys finish last.”
What can you share about what’s upcoming for the rest of the season?
JOSH:  I think the next seven episodes of the season are going to be more the same twists and turns.  Don’t expect any nice moments because it’s going to be really dark.

Revenge "Perception"
What was it like for you filming such a pivotal episode?
NICK:  It felt like just another episode, but emotionally it held such significance.  It’s funny, watching with an audience and seeing the reactions and hearing the reactions, that electric energy is incredible.  Everyone is so invested in it.  It got me.  I think this may be my favorite episode, but I can’t tell how much of that is because of the episode and how much of that is because its so exciting watching with everyone.  That energy just showed how good it is. 
Do you all get together to watch any of the episodes?
NICK:  Yeah, we used to go to cast members’ homes and do that, but not so much anymore.  It’s kind of rare know, so we don’t always get that feedback.

Plus, it’s hard to get that outside reaction.
NICK:  Yeah.  These days Connor and I will text each and just say, “You did great in that scene.”  But that’s all the feedback we get.

What was your reaction when you read who was the body on the beach?
NICK:  I thought it was awesome, but then I just wanted to see how they were going to pull it off. 

How was it to watch this episode compared to the pilot episode, which echoed so much of it?
NICK:  It was great to see the story behind it.  To see what was going on with the characters and what they were thinking in each of the scenes.  It is a hugely significant episode and it answers a lot of questions, while raising questions too.

For Jack, he was on the verge of taking off for Haiti and starting a new, and now he’s possibly being framed for murder.  What is he thinking?
NICK:  While true, basically he made the choice to let [Amanda] go.  But I don’t think he thought she was framing him.

While Amanda may not be framing him, someone may be.
NICK:  Exactly.  So he still has a big decision to make — to stick around and help her or take off.

Will Jack try to track Amanda down or will he let her go?
NICK:  I don’t know if I can say at this point! 

Since Jack is a fan of messages from the universe, will he take this as a sign that he is meant to stay?
NICK:  Maybe.  But maybe for not for that reason.  I think he has to stick around.  But I don’t know if I’m allowed to say that.  [Laughs]  We have seven more episodes after all.

What episode are you filming now?
NICK:  We’re about to start Episode 18.

So what’s it been like filming this season so far?
NICK:  Amazing!  I mean, it’s like I’m dreading filming the end of it.

You’re not nervous about getting a second season are you?
NICK:  Right now, it looks likely, but I don’t know.  It’s hard to say.

The fans are behind the show, the critics love it and the show seems to be building momentum, what’s there to worry about?
NICK:  You don’t need to know everything that’s going on in my head, but I’m sh*ting myself because things are going so well!
Now that the fans and the actors and breathe a bit more easily knowing that Daniel Grayson is not a murder victim, things are still going to get more muddled and murky for both Daniel and Jack as the search for the killer continues.  Being the obvious suspects due to the fact that they both had motive, means and opportunity – the search may lead to a nasty murder trial and Emily’s love for both men will be tested as her revenge plans go spectacularly awry.

To see what really went down on the beach that night, tune in not next week, but rather Wednesday February 29th at 10PM on ABC (CityTV in Canada). Does Daniel know Emily’s secret and what lengths will he go to protect her? Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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  • Anonymous

    Why is anyone even questioning whether the show will return for a 2nd season?  For ABC, this is the biggest no-brainer on their schedule.  Seriously, do people really believe Revenge is on the verge of cancellation?  If so, they don’t understand TV. 

    ABC lucked into the most compelling prime time soap since Dynasty, and certainly their biggest “can’t miss” show since Lost.  Trust me when I say, even the (sometimes idiotic execs at ) ABC know exactly how enormous of a hit they have on their hands.  This show isn’t going anywhere for a long, long time.

  • gerald christie

    I know it’s really obvious. The show is doing really well in the ratings, critically and the fans considering the terrible timeslot. It certainly has surpassed any expectation