THE VAMPIRE DIARIES Scoop: Daniel Gillies Dishes On What’s Really Going On In Those Steamy Elena and Elijah Scenes, Plus Other Fun Insights Including His Fantastic Pitch for an “Originals” Spin-Off!

Thursday night’s hottest show knows exactly how to get the blood-pumping.  Not only does THE VAMPIRE DIARIES recruit some of the most attractive actors to grace the television screen, it amps up the sex and violence to the Nth degree as befitting a show where death is always hovering in the air.  In fact, death comes a calling usually each week as over one-half of the blood-thirsty characters need a steady supply of fresh blood. 
The one exception maybe the enigmatic Elijah, fantastically portrayed by Daniel Gillies.  To date, Elijah is the one vampire who seems to abstain from the feeding frenzy.  He will gladly rip out your heart, but to show weakness and actually drink blood, he would prefer not to indulge.  Instead the courtly and noble vampire has made an effort to set a better example for his baser siblings who seem to greedily drink on whatever readily-available human is nearby.
Taking a few minutes to chat with press, Daniel shared what he thinks is the reason behind Elijah’s blood-abstinence, what is really going on with Elijah and Elena in those smoldering scenes, and what else he just brings to the increasingly complex role.  Daniel also gives some reflective comments on the Original siblings:  Klaus, Finn, Kol and Rebekah, and the relationships that Elijah has with each – and what he really thinks of Stefan and Damon.

As can be seen Daniel was circumspect with the spoilers, but had a lot of fun speculating on what’s next in the world of Mystic Falls and the Originals.  He also had a choice clue to share about identity of the resident serial killer currently stalking our heroes from the shadows.
While Daniel was a bit nervous about his spikey hair-do for the interview, he playfully agreed to let us share this video so that fans can hear for themselves his thoughts on what makes Elijah tick and what Elijah really wants.  Every vampire must have a few secret fantasies and Elijah can dream with the best of them!
To see what comes next and whether Elijah will find a way to derail his evil mother’s nefarious plan, be sure to tune in for an all new episode of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES on Thursday night at 8PM on The CW (7PM on CTV TWO in Canada).  Elena had better hold on tight to her heart!

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