This Just In: Fox Shuffles Spring Sked

Always bet on Jack Bauer indeed.

In a move that signifies just how much faith Fox has in creator Tim Kring’s new series TOUCH, the Network announced today plans to award the Kiefer Sutherland starrer with its much-coveted post AMERICAN IDOL timeslot starting on March 22nd at 9PM.

Meanwhile, to make room for the series, BONES will once again be asked to make the ultimate sacrifice by allowing itself to get bumped to Mondays at 8PM starting April 2nd to be followed by the final string of original HOUSE episodes at 9PM.

Other programming notes of interest include THE FINDER’s spring finale on Thursday March 8th at 9PM, ALCATRAZ’s two-hour season finale set for Monday March 26th at 8PM, with Fox’s 25th ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL celebrating the little-network-that-did on Sunday April 22 at 8PM. Set your DVRs accordingly.

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  • Lisa

    It shows how much faith Fox has in Bones, not Touch.They know they can move Bones yet again and it will still keep it’s numbers.