Good News: Former SMALLVILLE star Justin Hartley has inked a deal to headline a CW Pilot. Bad News: Nope, the creative team behind the Network’s ARROW reboot haven’t come to their senses and handed Hartley the cowl and arrow he so richly deserves, but rather a role on a thinly veiled GREY’S ANATOMY rip-off entitled FIRST CUT. [Source]

Good News: HAWAII FIVE-0 is making headlines. Bad News: For all the wrongs reasons, as Alex O’Loughlin’s representatives released a statement that the series star will be missing an episodes so that the actor may check into a “supervised treatment for prescription pain medication.” [Source]

Good News: Fox has found a timeslot for THE FINDER which is scheduled to be bumped off the schedule in March to make room for the Kiefer Sutherland starrer TOUCH. Bad News: If history is any indication, audiences are going to have an awfully difficult time finding the BONES spin-off on Fridays at 8PM starting April 6th. [Source]

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  • gerald christie

    ” A thinly veiled GREY’S ANATOMY rip-off” – well it’s not like Grey’s Anatomy was so original, the medical drama has been done to death. If you think about GA is a rip off of ER…. so how is that different?