Paley Festival 2012 Live Blog: ONCE UPON A TIME

3:05PM: “To be able to bring the show to life with the people you wrote the parts for has been a fantastic dream for us,” admits co-executive producer Edward Kitsis on the wealth of talent that he is currently sharing the stage with including Ginnifer Goodwin, Jennifer Morrison, Robert Carlyle, Lana Parrilla, Josh Dallas, Raphael Sbarge and fellow EP’s Adam Horowitz (co-creator) and Steve Pearlman (Executive Producer)

3:06PM: Robert Carlyle credits the creation of Rumplestiltskin to his time spent in drama school working with masks, Commedia dell’arte (Italian Comedy) and his six year old son. The latter of which was the inspiration for Rumplestiltskin’s memorable monotone.

3:08PM: When asked to clarify the curse and its inevitable defeat, Kitsis teases that the show may-or-may-not have already given a clue to its undoing!

3:10PM: While Jennifer Morrison is quick to point out that her character’s skepticism with regards to Henry’s belief that the entire town is made up of fairytale characters isn’t going away anytime soon, she does let it slip that Emma will start to suspect that something’s up as we head towards the end of the first season.

3:11PM: “I actually had the same question and we went went running to the writers who explained to us what breaks the curse,” says Ginnifer Goodwin on her own confusion surrounding Mary Margaret and David’s lack of true love kiss. “And once they told me I kind of felt like a dum dum because it makes perfect sense.” Adds Horowitz, “They [Snow White and Prince Charming] aren’t the savior, they just had to make the savior [Emma]!”

3:13PM: “60% is slipping into those outfits,” reveals Lana Parrilla on the evolution of the Evil Queen. “I can’t breath when I’m wearing them but it really does help me create the character from the beginning. And they just continue to get more bigger and more elaborate. I’ll look at them and think, ‘I don’t remember my ass being this big’!”

3:15PM: “It certainly puts David in a place where he feels very guilty, responsible for her disappearance and it’s an obstacle in the way of Mary and David as a couple,” is how Josh Dallas characterizes the rocky road ahead for Mary Margaret and his character David. “Their love and unexplainable attraction is so strong that it will always keep drawing them to together in some sort of capacity. Unfortunately, the nature of the curse is that no one can have their happy ending… so the saga continues.”

3:18PM: Spoiler Alert! With the permission of puppet-masters Kitsis and Horowitz, Raphael Sbarge reveals that audiences can expect to see Archie take on some very interesting new patients in the coming episodes, including David and Mr. Gold! “From a therapeutic point of view, Archie has some real job security in Storybrooke!” laughs Sbarge who will also get to spend some more time in the fairytale realm. “Jiminy Cricket will be leading an intervention but I can’t tell you who it’s for!”

3:22PM: Not surprisingly, the only thing Horowitz will spill with regards to the many theories floating around as to the identity of August, Storybrooke’s newest mystery visitor is that by the time ONCE ends the season fans will have a very good idea as to who he is, what he wants and how he’s going to go about accomplishing his goals. Jokes Horowitz, “There are a lot of theories out there and one of them’s right.”

3:23PM: Still scratching your head as to what on earth Snow White did to get the Evil Queen all-a-tizzy? Evidently, it’s a doozy! “We address it this season and it really is worthy,” admits Goodwin. “Its complication is what is so beautiful about it. It’s not black and white and really does add a richness to the relationship between Snow and the Queen that we will come in handy in subsequent seasons.”

3:26PM: “Sometimes our ambitions outweigh our technology but we’re not going to lower our ambition and we’ll keep improving the technology,” is how Kitsis characterized the always evolving special affects that play a fairly substantial role in creating the magical fairytale world of ONCE UPON A TIME.

3:28PM: Parilla promises that her upcoming reunion with not-so-mommy-dearest played by Academy Award Nominee Barbara Hershey was a blast.

3:30PM: “We would love to tell the story of the Ariel, but that’s a season two thing,” says Kitsis when asked if there are currently plans to pick up on the Evil Queen’s recent shout-out to the Little Mermaid. “But we have a lot of story with the people on this stage that need to be told first.” Jokes Horowitz, “My daughter has put in her [princess] requests!” Adds Parilla, “Can I turn into Ursula at some point?”

3:33PM: “Jamie Dornan may have had his heart ripped out in Storybrooke but he still is very much alive in the Fairytale universe,” says Kitsis to a chorus of audience cheers when asked if audiences will ever get to see the dearly departed Sheriff Graham again. “Who knows, I’d keep watching!”

3:34PM: Fashion Police: Morrison equates her character’s emotional journey in terms of costume, claiming she’ll loosen up on harsh red leather when her character does. More interesting still, Goodwin claims Mary Margaret must walk this fine line of wearing something timeless without showing a real sense of style that might imply an actual sense of self. While Carlyle reveals that his transformation into Rumplestiltskin takes 2 hours in and 1 hour out, 20 minutes of which involves lacing up those pesky boots!

3:37PM: When asked which character they’d like the opportunity to trade places with, Morrison says Prince Charming (“I want to fight things, swing swords, ride horses”), Dallas says Rumplestiltskin, Ginnifer said Henry (“I would just get to come to work looking like me”) and Raphael says the Evil Queen.

ONCE UPON A TIME airs Sundays at 8PM on ABC (7PM on CTV in Canada) Catch up on past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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