• Trailer Park: Baby on BONES!
• Not-so-DINOmite News: TERRA NOVA cancelled by FOX.
• Shonda Scoop! GREY’S ANATOMY Boss dishes on the murky future of her hit ABC series’ original cast.
• 3 Reasons We Won’t Be Tuning into the CW this Summer, as the Network orders a singing competition and 2 docu-soaps.
• Switched on Hiatus, BIRTH star Vanessa Marano is headed to Seattle Grace.

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  • Anonymous

    Harsh, man.  How about giving CW credit for at least trying something in the summer months rather than airing repeats?  These shows actually sound interesting.

  • Hmmmm a little hypocritical, arent we? You´re allways saying how the CW needs to start playing on the summer sandbox, and now it´s doing it, you´re shutting them out. Yes, it´s2 docurealitys one talet competition and a mindles gameshow. But there´s also The LA complex. Also, how viable is it that a struggling network with a new president can develop scripted shows for summer? I think this is the most agressive effort by the CW, and they have some merit, even if the shows do end up sucking…

  • My criticism still stands until the CW will put a little more effort into their summer plans. Cheap reality/docu series do not a summer sked make. As for the LA COMPLEX, it’s premiering in April and with only six episodes, will not make it to summer. That said, I do applaud the CW for recognizing how well THE LA COMPLEX fits into their schedule, as you’ll soon see.