Today’s TV Addict Top 5: Compelling Web Shows You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

What would you get if you crossed a more grounded version of THE OFFICE with the current political landscape? This brilliant original series currently airing on

Centering on the most dysfunctional clan since the Bluths, this sultry, salty web soap (part of the line-up at about four oversexed siblings in the jewelry business is the kind of fun daytime sudsers have all but forgotten how to have.

Miss THE SOPRANOS? This dramedy — the first original show produced by Netflix — plays like a spinoff of the show, centering on a New York mobster who begins a new life in Norway after entering the witness protection program.

Relatively unknown comic Mark Malkoff takes sofa surfing to a whole new level by trying to convince celebs he doesn’t know to let him crash on their couches on this odd little show featured on

20 years after winning two gold medals and being declared “America’s Sweetheart”, Olympic gymnast Chance Rioux has fallen on tough times in this new YouTube comedy. How tough? Tough enough that he’s forced to take a job in his brother-in-law’s porn shop.

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  • I love Devanity, it’s my guilty pleasure