Paley Festival 2012 Live Blog: CASTLE

7:58PM: Moderator Will Keck of TVGuide Magazine fame starts off the panel by introducing the participants including creator Andrew Marlowe, Nathan Fillion (Richard Castle), Stana Katic (Kate Beckett), Molly Quinn (Alexis Castle), Susan Sullivan (Martha Rodgers), Seamus Dever (Kevin Ryan), Jon Huertas (Javier Esposito), Penny Johnson Jerald (Victoria Gates) and Tamala Jones (Lanie Parish).

7:59PM: In reaction to the Panel commencing with a screening of the March 19th episode “A Dance with Death,” the first question of the night has moderator Will Keck cajoling stars Fillion and Katic to dance for the crowd but Fillion isn’t biting! “I’ll forgive you for asking if you’ll forgive me for not doing it.”

7:59PM: Getting right to the question of every single CASTLE fans’ mind, Keck fires off the first doozy of the night to creator Andrew Marlowe: Castle. Becket. When’s it gonna happen!? “As with any story you’re telling, the characters will organically suggest where they want to go,” says Marlowe who reveals that when the time does come to bring them together, he believes that it will open up an entirely new avenue for storytelling. “When characters are in a relationship, they fundamentally act differently, so I expect it to be fun in a different way. I’m not saying if and when we’ll see Castle and Beckett on a Princess Cruise and solve crime, but having them on the other side of it does open up possibilities that can be fun. I’ve never believed in the curse of MOONLIGHTING and won’t wait until the end of the series.”

8:03PM: When asked for their take as to whether or not their characters should go you know where, Katic is all for it, while a more hesitant Fillion would only commit to saying that when it does happen, “it should be really clumsy!”

8:05PM: As much as she enjoys her family unit, 18-year-old actress Molly Quinn who plays what Marlowe jokingly refers to as the most mature actor on set, has really enjoyed her time working with Lanie in the lab. Says Quinn, “I think Alexis is really enjoying working with Dr. Parrish just as Alexis is really enjoying working with Tamala.” Adds Marlowe, “Weren’t you pitching just the other day Alexis in a VERONICA MARS-style spin-off in college?”

8:06PM: Fun Fact! The genesis of the recently well received “Blue Butterfly” episode that saw the cast travel back in time to 1947 was in response to the new kid on the block. “In all honesty, we heard the SMASH premiere was going to be up against that episode and we thought to be competitive we’d better do something really special that the fans want to see,” says Marlowe, who goes on to credit the cast (“Nathan looked great in a fedora, Stana looked fabulous in those vintage dresses that rivalled Angelina in terms of showing off her long legs!”) and writer Terence Paul Winter )”Everybody did just a phenomenal job and I think as with any show that’s on for a period of time you always want to see your characters in a slightly different format.”).

8:15PM: After reading some pages from a scene from “Blue Butterfly,” Dever and Huertas reenact the fight scene from the episode where they got to rough up the fearless Fillion in a scene that Dever call “awesome, on a scale of one to awesome!” Added Fillion, “It’s always funnier to get beat up than it is to be the tough guy.”

8:20PM: Just when we think we couldn’t love Seamus Dever anymore, he thanks creator Andrew Marlowe for affording him the opportunity to work with his very-talented real-life actress wife Juliana Dever, who plays on-screen wife Jenny Duffy-O’Malley. “Life imitates art and Andrew made it happen.”

8:23PM: Panel is interrupted by a shameless plug for “Frozen Heat,” the latest Nikki Heat novel which is hitting bookstores your Kindle in September.

8:24PM: Fodder for Fillion’s ever-expanding Wikipedia page include the fact that he wasn’t a fan of the tiger from the “Cuffed” episode that saw Castle and Beckett linked together for most of the episode. “Tigers are on a list of things I don’t want to get killed by,” jokes Fillion. “Oh God! Oh God! I shouldn’t have gotten this close to a tiger… it’s eating my face… my beautiful, beautiful face.”

8:27PM: So just what does CASTLE’s newest addition — Penny Johnson Jerald — think about being typecast as a hard-ass? “I think that in order to bring the bad there’s got to be a lot of good in you,” says Jerald who, thanks to her work as the duplicitous Sherry Palmer on 24 has made a name for herself playing characters fans love to hate. “She’s Victoria ‘Iron’ Gates, but I think she is the foundation of the precinct. The constant when we have this love affair going on [Pointing to Fillion and Katic] and these two guys doing what they do [pointing to Dever and Huertas]”

8:30PM: Don’t hate Tamala Jones because she’s beautiful and talented, hate her because she’s the only cast member who has kissed both Castle and Esposito! Says Jones on the experience, “Your breath is fresh [referring to Huertas] but Nathan… it was something new, like satin or something!”

8:33PM: When asked by moderator Will Keck how she’d honestly rate Martha’s acting chops, Sullivan delivers a perfectly timed, “How dare you?” Before adding on a more serious and emotionally poignant note, “Yes I think she is an excellent actress and I’d like to say that this character is an homage to my mother who just passed away in December. Not to make this sad, because she had a fabulous life, but like Martha, she was an inspiration, intent on staying in the game, just wanting to be alive and play a significant part of things which I think is one of the great impulses that actors have, to bring life to others and find the life within themselves.”

8:36PM: “It’s something we’re going to explore as we move forward in the series,” says Marlowe on the subject of CASTLE’s father.

8:37PM: From the department of things you probably didn’t know about Beckett, Katic has always believed that the character’s favorite color is purple and she’s a big fan of strawberry milkshakes.

8:38PM: Spoiler Alert! “As you guys know, this season has been one of secrets. Castle and Beckett are both keeping pretty significant ones from each other and as we head into the season’s last batch of episodes they start to come out,” teases Marlowe when asked by Keck for some spoilers. “Characters around them will have to deal with the fallout from that and I think it will be a lot of fun to see characters tested in different ways.” Also falling under the category of spoiler news is a promise from Marlowe that we’ll definitely be touching on the murder of Beckett’s mom before the season’s end. Says Marlowe, “Whenever that arises it puts Beckett in a very emotionally raw situation and interesting things happen.”

8:40PM: “I got a good feeling that was a smart move,” jokes Fillion when pressed to talk about his upcoming FIREFLY reunion with Adam Baldwin. “It was just really nice to get back in touch with him. We talk, we chat, we text, but his character, whose named Detective Slaughter, kind of says it all.” Adds Marlowe, “Slaughter is a different kind of cop.”

8:47PM: As part of the Audience Q&A portion of the panel, a fan asks if each of the actors have a favorite episode of the series thus far? Going down the line, Penny Johnson Jerald calls the upcoming March 26 episode (419) her favorite, “It is extraordinary and so exciting, Gates voice is so clear and all the rhythms are there.” Tamala Jones can’t decide! Molly Quinn relished the first of the two-parter this season because she got to go outside Alexis’ box. While Jon Huertas sights “Kill Shot,” Seamus Dever says “Kick the Ballistics,” Katic can’t settle on an episode but likes ones with scenes where you learn about the characters and Fillion enjoys ones where characters fail more than succeed.

8:52PM: “I made a tiny poop in my Castle pants!” was how Fillion reacts to a story in which Dever and Huertas recount a scary practical joke they recently played on him.

8:59PM: On the now obligatory musical episode, CASTLE creator Andrew Marlowe promises that he’s saving that for season 7!

9:00PM: Closing out the panel along a similar line in which it started, Sullivan and Quinn are pressed on where they’d like to see Castle and Beckett go. Says Sullivan, “I’m very fond of Beckett, however I am completely bored with this ongoing saga! I want my boy to get a little action.” For her part, Quinn is okay with the dance stretching out a bit longer, “I think the tension is nice, they can keep it that way… out of the house.”

New episodes of CASTLE airs Mondays at 10PM on ABC (CTV Two in Canada) and stars Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic, Susan Sullivan, Molly C. Quinn, Jon Huertas, Tamala Jones, Seamus Dever and Penny Johnson. Catch up with past episodes you may have missed for free online at

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