Play TV Showrunner Madness 2012 (Round 1, Division 1)

If there is one thing we here at pride ourselves on, it’s knowing when we strike a chord. Thus, after the success of last season’s inaugural bracket, “TV Showrunner madness is back and bigger and better than ever! 2 Divisions, 48 Showrunners, and one simple question for you to answer: In our fictional fantasy world in which we could award one special Showrunner (or Showrunning duos) an unlimited budget and complete creative control free of any-and-all network inference to create their very own television magnum opus – which Showrunner (or Showrunners) would you deem most worthy?

Voting kicks off today with Division 1. So why not get a closer look at the brackets by clicking here for a larger version of the above image, and vote for your favorites after the jump.

Voting closes on Sunday March 18th at the stroke of midnight.

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  • Sourabh

    Well Spartacus and Supernatural have nigh unbeatable competitors.

  • Kelly

    Kripke vs. Whedon. Tough question…what about a collaboration between the two? Where’s that choice? Although, in the long run, Whedon is the easy answer.

  • Ggny

    love the names of the divisions 

  • Anonymous

    I agree, Kripke (supernatural) has an unfair disadvantage :( *le tear* It would be awesome if Whedon and Kripke worked together though :)

  • NY?? AlwaysCaskett ?

    Andrew Marlowe, CASTLE