A Must Read For Any TV Addict Who Has Ever Dreamed of Being a “Nielsen Family”

We’ve all had it happen.

You get addicted to a show that has all the critics buzzing, it seems like everyone you know loves it… and then, it’s gone because it supposedly didn’t bring in big enough ratings. Maybe your show was FIREFLY or PUSHING DAISIES. Maybe it was ONE LIFE TO LIVE or ALL MY CHILDREN. Or maybe it’s a show that’s on the air right now… but hanging on by a thread.

Shows live or die based on the Nielsen ratings system… which samples 25,000 households and then tells America what’s popular and what’s not. Which means .002 percent of the population basically dictates what the rest of us watch.

Now, answer this question: Are you a Nielsen family? Heck, have you ever even known someone who is a Nielsen family? Given the small percentage of metered homes, the odds of you knowing or being a Nielsen family are somewhere between winning the lottery and being hit by lightening.

Maybe it’s time to give America a bigger say in what shows stay on the airwaves.

Enter iamwatching.tv. Will you join in our crusade?
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